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If you’re a local business owner trying to increase business, or a multi-national enterprise generating leads, your audience is online.

Do you need robust ppc account management? We have the certified and proven skill set to wrestle any technical pay-per-click campaign. Our work has been featured in a bushel full of online publications. Our online marketing has even been called, “awesome.”

We pledge, with hands to our hearts, that no online advertising begins without a complete understanding of your business and what you do.

Advertising online is more than just plastering ads around the internet. Google Adwords is more than finding the right keywords and managing bids. The key to your success online is marketing. Real. Honest to goodness. Marketing.

We get that.

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Here is a collection of our latest Pay-Per-Click and Online Marketing E-Books. We hope you like them and learn a little something too.


5 things that you may not have considered when you set up your PPC Campaigns using Porters 5 Forces.

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Consumer Segmentation for Online Marketers

Learn how to target more effectively by obtaining more meaningful data and breaking down your market.

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6 Ways to Rock the Graphic Design Process

We've adapted the "design guys" process & implemented it into the fast moving online advertising world.

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Why Choose Us

We have done what it takes to be the best at PPC. The best become masters at one thing. We are experts, focused solely on paid, online advertising. Get Found First is the proud home to a number of PPC experts.

Our number one goal at Get Found First is to make sure our clients always get a return on their investment with us.

We do nothing but consult on PPC, manage PPC and PPC sales-funnel-related services.

We believe PPC advertising must add to the bottom line. Whether it’s Adwords, Facebook, or Re-marketing the goal is to increase business. Our job is to measure, increase, & deliver positive ROI.

If improving the bottom line isn’t your thing, maybe we aren’t the PPC management firm for you.

PPC Management does not work alone.

It takes strategically planned advertising campaigns and a complete understanding of the industry to bring in serious ROI.

We’ve honed our skills to become online marketing experts and exploit the most crucial pieces to pay per click advertising success.