10 Things Every PPC Manager Needs at Their Desk

February 25, 2011

PPC managers are like Iron Man. Iron Man is brave, willing to take on some of the hardest tasks known to man, solves problems, and works well with his clients(the U.S. government). Managing multiple PPC clients at an agency is similar to defending the world from bad guys because it is not an easy task. You have to be brave, take on difficult and low-performing accounts, solve problems daily, and work well with all your clients. Tony Stark has his Iron Man suit to help him out. What do PPC managers have? Let me tell you.

Here are 10 things every PPC Manager needs at their desk(at least this is what I have at my desk):

1 – Note Pads- I have 4 note pads. One I write daily to-do lists on. Another has new clients whose accounts we’re getting up and running smoothly. The others are for taking notes when I strategize with clients or co-workers.

2 – A Drink- I prefer water because it’s healthy, it doesn’t fatten me up (like soda), and it keeps me awake for some reason.

3 – A Computer with the MCC open- Can’t miss this one, can you?

4 – Work Phone- Gotta talk with the clients. That phone allows you to plug headphones in to keep your hands free while talking.

5 – Personal Phone(I’m taking the picture with it)– Gotta talk with the wife. Happy wife=happy life!

6 – Microphone- I use it to talk with clients over Skype.

7 – Headphones- Good for listening to music and for talking with clients. Keeps the conversation between me and the client… not me, the client, and the office!

8 – Trash Can- Gotta throw the notes and apple cores away somewhere. If you can put it far away from your desk, you can use it as a basketball hoop to shoot your notes at!

9 – Snacks- I usually mix it up with some healthy and some not healthy. Here at GFF, we have a sweet stash of the not-healthy stuff, although I find the healthier stuff keeps me more focused!

10 – Comfy Chair- Ok, my chair’s not that comfy but it’s comfy enough. I prefer a stiff-backed chair.

With all these items at my disposal, I take on PPC Management daily. Like Iron Man gets all the ladies once he beats the bad guys, I too get the lady (my wife) at the end of the day.

What can’t you live without at your desk when managing PPC or SEO? Let us know!



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