3 Best Practices for Your Website

January 5, 2023

Your website is an essential part of converting leads and maintaining credibility in your business.

That being said, website trends and features are continually evolving as time goes on. Lexy Taylor, a GFF Development Specialist, shares best practices that you want to make sure are included in your website.

First, you want to maintain consistency throughout your website. This can include many things such as a balanced layout and consistent tone of voice, but one of the most important things is branding. This includes fonts and colors.

  • Fonts and colors are one of the main factors that users look at when getting on a website.
  • Keep all fonts consistent throughout your site to maintain a professional look.
  • Use colors on your site that align with the colors used in your logo.

Second, have clear call to actions throughout your whole website. What is it that you want your users to accomplish when they get on your site?

  • Make sure that what you are offering is clear to the user. Some strong calls to action that you can use include Call Now, Shop Now, Request a Quote, and Sign Up.
  • An essential place to include a call to action is high up on the page, you want this to be one of the first things that catches your user’s eye. The top right corner is a great place to include a call to action button.
  • You also should keep multiple calls to action throughout the website. This reminds users what action you want them to take.

Third, your site NEEDS to be easy to navigate. It should not be difficult for users on your site to find what they need. We call this burning calories. To allow easy navigation keep these things in mind.

  • Keep a clean simple menu that gives your users the tools they need to receive the information they came to you for. Your menu titles should be clear, simple, and easy to recognize.
  • When people land on your website, they should immediately know what products or services you provide, along with how they can purchase from you. In doing so you can create a clear path for them to convert. If your user doesn’t find what they need in the first 10-20 seconds, they are most likely to click off.

Implement these best practices on your website and watch your business level up.

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