3 Ways You Can Prepare Your Business for the Holiday Season

October 3, 2022

Join Santiago Barriga, a member of our Paid Marketing Specialists, as he discusses methods to help businesses assess, evaluate and set goals for the upcoming holiday season and new year.

Businesses are already deciding how their companies are going to forge ahead into the new year. While a few strategies may have changed, some things still remain the same.

A business should always seek to improve itself. The final goal of being “the best” at something is a step by step process and requires lots of small changes over the years to achieve. Here are some recommended methods to follow as you plan for the holidays and upcoming year.

First, Be realistic when planning for the new year

Consider doing a SWOT analysis. This analysis will help your business build strength, minimize weaknesses, seize opportunities, and counteract threats. A SWOT analysis will help you identify areas of your business that need improvement and attention.

Second, Assess and Pivot (look inward)

It’s important as business leaders to ensure that your team members understand the struggles and successes the organization has had. Pose a question to your team: “Where do we go from here and what’s the work that needs to be done?”

Assess your business and pivot towards goals with granular objectives that map out a specific framework to build long term goals. For example, SMART goals use a structure that includes strategic, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound deadlines. These types of goals will help develop your business to prepare for the new year.

Third, What is your action plan?

Look at your SWOT analysis and SMART goals to create a growth and action plan for your business. You can take advantage of new possibilities, expand your products or services, attract more customers, increase sales, and employ more staff.

Be realistic when planning for the future. Assess your business, set SMART goals and pivot toward new beginnings. If you need help preparing for the holiday season or the new year, we are here to help. Always strive for the attainable to level up your business.

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