4 Reasons Why In-House Marketing Isn’t Your Best Option

August 20, 2021

Okay – I know that in-house marketing has a bunch of pros. Your in-house marketing can often put more focus on deep details with your product/service and brand. The dedication and loyalty from an in-house marketer is probably going to surpass any marketing agency out there and the communication between business owner and the marketing team can be immediate and consistent. Doing your marketing in-house is likely going to save you money each year, too. But the benefits of in-house marketing can easily be overlooked by the negative impact of not choosing a marketing expert – like a digital marketing agency.

4 Reasons You Should Choose An Agency Over In-House Marketing


The professionals at Get Found First have heard story after story from business owners who placed their marketing efforts in the hands of an in-house employee and just didn’t see any reward from it. Typically, that happens because the person put in charge of the in-house marketing is neither trained or experienced in how to market the right way. Without the proper training and experience, it can be difficult to know what steps to take in your marketing efforts and what will work for your specific industry. Believe it or not, marketing processes can be different for different industries and using an experienced agency will help you understand the “why’s” associated with implementing different marketing strategies.


Effective, high-quality marketing content isn’t easy to come by and most business owners do not have an employee within their organization that can easily provide that type of content for them. Ad agencies have experienced people who specialize in creating creative marketing campaigns and have the talent to compete in the marketing industry. Your resources are definitely limited when you aren’t working with an actual marketing agency.


While the employees within your organization may have great insight when it comes to your product or service, they lack in multiple perspective. With a marketing agency, you aren’t paying one person for their expertise and perspective, you are paying a team of professionals who have seen it, tried it, failed, and succeeded. They know what works and what doesn’t and they know how to think outside the box. Their strategies are likely to be something that nobody on your team would consider – but it can be a major hit for your marketing dollars!


If you are working with a limited budget, a marketing agency is going to have the best input about how to spend that budget. They will know right away how to help your marketing budget go as far as it can – and they can tell you when your budget is too small to get results. Business owners with a small budget often end up wasting their money trying to make the budget last for a period of time when that may not be the most effective way to get results – especially when you’re spending budget on something like pay-per-click.

When you need results now, when you need new, innovative ways to market your product or service, when you need to know how to spend your marketing budget the best way – you need to hand your marketing over to a company that knows how to do just that. Get Found First is highly experienced in many aspects of digital marketing and can help you pinpoint problems in your current marketing strategies and how to fix them fast. Call us today!

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