6 Tips to Improve Your Image Ads

December 1, 2022

So you’re running ad campaigns for your business. But how do you get more clicks on the ads you’re putting out there? More clicks means more visitors to your website, which really means more potential customers seeing your work. In order to get the right people clicking on your ads and increase your ROI, we need to make sure they look good. 

Digital advertising can be your biggest asset or your worst nightmare. It allows for you to be really creative in the ways you want to reach your audience. Join Sierra as she dives into 6 tips to help you design ads that will get clicks

1. Simple sells

You have less than 5 seconds to capture the attention of viewers. Because of that short time frame,  it’s so important to be concise, compelling and clear. Tell your viewers exactly what is important and what they need to be doing about it.

2. Know which formats are right to use

Flexible ad sizing is important – there are so many different screen sizes that people use to view ads.

3. Keep on brand

    • Match the feel and look of your brand and website.
    • Match the tone of your brand, be consistent in the ad messaging that viewers see and the landing page they will go to.
    • This creates not only brand awareness, but also gains the trust of viewers as they see consistency across your company.

4. Use appealing visuals

    • Static vs. animated visuals or illustration vs. stock images, use the appropriate images for what is relevant and what makes sense. Whichever you wind up using, make sure it is high quality.
    • Choose colors carefully.
    • Use attractive images, people see hundreds of ads in a day. An image needs to pique someone’s interest and catch their attention.

5. Ad copy

    • Don’t use too much text, it takes away from your images.
    • Use keywords.
    • Catch the attention of viewers by being persuasive and captivating.
    • Use calls to action that connect to the offer. A good call to action can determine whether or not someone converts. This is how we persuade people to take a specific action.

6. Stir up emotion

    • Include people in the ad designs, it creates a sense of empathy.
    • Everyone is going to have problems. Your job is to solve them. Address the desires or issues of your audience and offer them a solution.
    • When you make people feel an emotion, you capture their attention. People will connect to emotions in your ads, and then connect those emotions to your product. This can influence or guide them in their purchases whether they know it or not.

We are living in a visual era. Life is so busy for each of us, that we look for the easiest way to consume content. It only takes 13 seconds to absorb an image, and a lot longer than that to read a blog post. Which is part of why it is so important to make sure that the visual content we are putting out is compelling to consumers. If we can’t make someone stop scrolling, we can’t capture their attention. When you realize how to optimize the visual design in your image ads, you’ll start creating content worth consuming. And that’s when you can really “level up.”

If you need assistance in creating captivating image ads, call Get Found First. Our expert design team can help!

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