Ad Relevancy and Mormon Missionaries

June 22, 2011

Ad relevancy is something that I have preached since my first day in the internet marketing industry.  I will continue to preach it until the day I die.  I always chuckle when I see ads that are ridiculously irrelevant to me and what my interests are.  On the other hand, I always take time to look at and admire ads that really get me.  So the other day while working on a Facebook page I came across an ad that really caught my eye:

Quick off-topic rant: How did they get away with all those caps-lock letters in a row?!

Getting back to ad relevancy and why this caught my eye, did you know that I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?  I went to Argentina for two years. @LukeAlley went to the Dominican Republic. @Mattchstik went to Pennsylvania. You would be surprised to know just how many guys there are in our industry that at some point in their life were Mormon Missionaries. This picture caught my eye of two mormon missionaries on Facebook.  Not suckering for the $9/week special, or the fact that an insurance company can give me preferential treatment because of my religion, I decided I had to click to see if the landing page would go on any more into why being Mormon would save me money on car insurance.

Right.  Come on!  Who is really going to believe that because they are Mormon or Catholic or Baptist or Jewish or Buddhist or [insert other religions here], that they are going to get a special discount on car insurance, but that is beside the point.

These guys have stayed on track.  They caught my eye with a relevant ad to me and my interests.  The image, the caps-lock (any tips on how to pull that off?), and the ridiculously low offer.  Then, when I clicked, they sent me to a landing page that continues to correlate with the relevant ad.  Another side note, isn’t that arrow BEAUTIFUL!  Arrows on landing pages work, but that is a post for another day.

There is one disconnect, and it is kind of a deal breaker.  Can anyone guess what it is?  I’ll give you a hint; I live in the state of Idaho, and I am aware of the fact that insurance pricing varies based on the state you live in.

This post isn’t about religion, although I love speaking about the subject.  This post is about ad relevancy, and making sure that your landing page correlates to your relevant ad.  With Facebook Advertising, it is important to work hard, but it is more important to work smart. Target the right demographic, show relevant ads, get clicks, and then be certain that your landing page correlates or you will wind up paying for some unwanted clicks like did in this case.

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