Adwords Editor Tips and Tricks 2011

Adwords Editor(AE) can make managing an Adwords account a lot easier. If you haven’t discovered and starting using it yet, here are some Adwords Editor Tips and Tricks that might convince you to download that little program and start using it… They’ll also make you smile like the lady in the picture! We’ve found AE to be most handy in accomplishing these everyday tasks:

  1. Grouping Related Keywords- Have you ever done keyword research for hours and found yourself with a long list of keywords that needs grouping? AE has a function that breaks your keywords down into related terms. Simply add all your keywords into an Ad Group, select “Tools” then “Keyword Grouper” and PRESTO, keywords are grouped!
  2. Create Variations of Ads- Testing ads is an essential in any PPC campaign. In AE you can simply copy an ad and change any part of the ad to create a simple split test. Here’s what we usually test: Titles, Capitalization, Calls to Action, Wording, and Display URL.
  3. Find and Replace- When you have a campaign that has dozens of Ad Groups, you probably aren’t writing specific and unique ads for each Ad Group. After you write a first round of ads for an Ad Group, you can copy those same ads into the next Ad Group and use the Find and Replace function to replace “Key” keywords. Super handy!
  4. Adding Multiple Match Types- Want to have more than one match type on a keyword? AE makes this easy by allowing you to copy all the keywords you want, paste them and all at once change the match type. Rather than having to do each one individually with all selected you can change them all at once.
  5. Append Text- Google best describes this tool, “The Append Text tool enables you to add text before or after existing text in a particular column, for all selected rows. For example, you could use this tool to add the word ‘new’ at the beginning of selected keywords or ad headlines, or add ‘Order now’ at the end of your text ad description lines.”
  6. Export Campaign/Account to Adcenter- Do you manage an account in Adcenter along with Adwords? If you create an account in Adwords you can export it right into Adcenter without the hassle of having to redo everything. Use the “Export Spreadsheet (CSV)” in the File tab for this. WARNING – Adcenter doesn’t always recognize Geo-Targeting and Bids here, so make sure and double check everything!

These are some of the best Adwords Editor Tips and Tricks that we’ve found. They’ve saved me hours while doing PPC Management! Got any other tips? I’d love to hear them!