Avoid PPC Disaster – Get a 2nd Pair of Eyes on Your Account

July 18, 2011

Have you noticed how many HUGE mistakes have resulted from TINY errors around the world recently? Anthony Weiner accidentally sent a public message instead of a direct message on Twitter and now his career and possibly personal life is ruined. It happens often now with rapid-fire social media and it can happen with rapid-fire PPC too! One of the most important and underutilized tools for any PPC manager is a second set of eyes. Imagine if Weiner had a second pair of eyes looking at him tweeting… for one they may have stopped from being stupid at all, but they definitely would have told him to DM it.

Having a second set of eyes can save you from big or little mistakes that could simply lower your CTR or cost your client 1,000’s of wasted dollars. Here are some ways we avoid these mistakes at GFF and take advantage of a second set of eyes:

  • After a brand new setup we have another PPC manager review every setting/adgroup/ad/bid to make sure everything is in place.
  • A few times each month we have to look over every account to make sure things are on track.
  • When we feel like we’ve optimized an account perfectly we have another PPC manager look over it and find something else we can improve. This always works!

No matter how much experience you have this can help you avoid mistakes. When you are dealing with dozens of adgroups, hundreds of ads, and thousands of keywords it’s easy to make small mistakes.

Any other advantages you have found in having a second set of eyes check your account?


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