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Increase Sales and Brand Awareness Through Remarketing

Meet Jebb Founders.

He sells widgets online. In the past business was booming and his PPC advertising was driving a large portion of his sales. However lately sales have dipped and he’s spending more money on an advertising medium that just isn’t delivering like it used to.

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Evil Within: Form Follows Function

“Form Follows Function”… or so they said

The early 1930’s phrase was intended to evoke the mantra that before you design and work with the details, you need to lay out the function first. Thankfully Frank Lloyd Wright changed this phrase to “form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union,” using nature as the best example of this integration. Form and Function should be developed simultaneously and in conjunction with each other.

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Client Tantrums Are Your Fault

In Disney’s “Wreck It Ralph”, Ralph has a pretty terrible temper.

His temper stems from him always being the bad guy… nobody likes being the bad guy (unless you are Willem Dafoe). Ralphs temper frequently leads to fits of rage and smashing things. It’s pretty funny to watch in a Disney setting, but have you ever dealt with this when Ralph was your client?

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eBay Slams PPC: Should You Really Stop Bidding on Brand Keywords?

There has already been a lot written about the recent study by eBay about paid search’s effectiveness for both brand keywords and non-brand keywords. Most of the posts, from Larry Kim’s on Search Engine Journal, to the recap from ppc management experts on Search Engine Watch seemed to focus on eBay’s historical and at times hysterically funny misuse of dynamic keyword insertion. I am not going to focus on those things or even point out that it didn’t work because they did PPC wrong.

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