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Blogging for Businesses – It’s Not About Getting Traffic or Customers

Why Do You Blog?

Now before all of you kill me in the comments, I know most of us blog for our businesses or clients because we are trying to get more business or clients. But is that the only reason you do it? I have had some interesting conversations over the last couple of days that has really got me thinking about this topic, so let’s have a conversation and see if you feel the same way about why you blog (or why you should) when we’re done.

Blog Because You Love It!

When somebody is passionate about what they do does it come across? Think about those blogs that really gets your attention. The ones you really love to read, and not because it has “a lot of useful information”. They have a personality, a character about them that goes deeper than the depth of the info you can glean from the pages. They have passion and it shows!

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Sticktoitiveness – A Marketer “Must Have”

We have posted more this year on the blog than any year in the now almost 5 years of Get Found First history. That is what I like to call sticktoitiveness. Don’t think that is word? Well, neither does spell check on Wordpress, but I am certain that it is.

Just ask the urban dictionary:


n. The ability to stay with a project and see it through to completion.

Example Sentence: When it comes to building sand castles, Gordon shows incredible sticktoitiveness!

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