Blogging for Businesses – It’s Not About Getting Traffic or Customers

Why Do You Blog?

Now before all of you kill me in the comments, I know most of us blog for our businesses or clients because we are trying to get more business or clients. But is that the only reason you do it? I have had some interesting conversations over the last couple of days that has really got me thinking about this topic, so let’s have a conversation and see if you feel the same way about why you blog (or why you should) when we’re done.

Blog Because You Love It!

When somebody is passionate about what they do does it come across? Think about those blogs that really gets your attention. The ones you really love to read, and not because it has “a lot of useful information”. They have a personality, a character about them that goes deeper than the depth of the info you can glean from the pages. They have passion and it shows!

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Get Found First is Five Years Old!

Miscellaneous Monday

Get Found First has come a long way in 5 years. Here is a Wayback Machine screenshot of what the first site I built looked like: Thank goodness we have evolved and stayed in business! According to the SBA: About half of all new establishments survive five years or more and about one-third survive 10 […]

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Remarketing: A Definition

If you missed my last post on remarketing or you’re chomping at the bit to learn more, then this is the right place.

What is Remarketing?

PPC Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is the process of reintroducing your product or service to your target market through paid online advertising platforms like Google Adwords. For a straight forward explanation on how this works check out our remarketing page.

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The Unimaginative Online Industry

Throughout history there are many documented scenes when a man has an opportunity to rise above. Such was the case in John F Kennedy’s Inauguration address when he declared the timeless quote “ask not what your country and do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Such was also the case Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s public address for civil rights. Finally, such was the case in Francis Church’s “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” editorial.

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The #1 Reason We Have Lost Clients

Does This Sound Familiar?

You may have been there before. That call where the client asks, “are we under contract with you and when does that contract end?” You immediately know exactly what that means. They are on the hunt for a new agency or employee to take over the work you were doing. You shake your head and stare out the window in frustration.

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Increase Sales and Brand Awareness Through Remarketing

Meet Jebb Founders.

He sells widgets online. In the past business was booming and his PPC advertising was driving a large portion of his sales. However lately sales have dipped and he’s spending more money on an advertising medium that just isn’t delivering like it used to.

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GDN Placements – A Quick Explanation

Again I am going to try to explain the complexities of the Google Display Network or GDN. Todays topic will be display placements. However, if you haven’t looked at my article on display keywords, please check it out here. I will be referring to some of the ideas that I wrote about in that article.

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Online Design: The Testing State of Mind

Arguably the number one rule of marketing is You Are Not Your Audience. It’s a simple rule that sometimes goes forgotten. What are the implications of forgetting this rule? Getting stuck in a rut, and making the mistake of thinking that business never changes. It’s a mistake to believe that your audience or customer never changes. It’s also a big mistake to think that the world around you (culture, hobbies, interests) never changes.

For this reason, it’s crucial you live in The Testing State of Mind.

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Never Forget

With the most sincere hearts, we at Get Found First pay deep respect to all those affected 12 years ago today. In the weeks that followed these terrible events, our country demonstrated how united we can stand. May we never forget, and always stand united.

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Happy Labor Day 2013

Here is another VERY Miscellaneous Monday post…

You work hard. Day in and day out. Take a break. You deserve it. This one’s on me. Go play. Have fun. Enjoy the end of Summer. Do something fun like hitting a potato shot from a potato gun with a baseball bat.

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