Struggling with Search Engine Dysfunction?

Have you been unable to perform since the first Panda update? Does the Penguin have you cold as ice? Google algorithm adjustments in 2011 and 2012 have really effected the way grown businessmen are able to perform. This funny/cheesy video made us laugh. When your site’s search rankings tank in Google, sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

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6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs PPC

I’m not going to sit here and tell you why you need to invest in PPC advertising. The last thing you want is someone unfamiliar with your business trying push services at you for their own personal gain. So I’ll leave it to you, the person most qualified for your business to make the decision. My hope is that you’ll consider the following advantages that a Pay Per Click advertising medium can offer.

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Besides PPC Ads, What Else Is There?

Get Found First is our name, PPC is our game. Clients come to us for ppc management services. They don’t want their online ad budget to go to waste, and they know that we have the expertise to yield them a significant return on investment. Over these last four years of managing online ad budgets, a question that I get asked a lot is,

“so…what else can I be doing? I am having success with PPC, but now I want to milk the web for all it is worth!”

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Before You Give Up On Adwords, Try This

What are the next best steps to improve your Adwords account? Raise the bids to increase CTR? Lower the bids to lower the CPC? Write new ads? What to do? What to do?

My advice: NOTHING. Don’t do anything! Sometimes it is best to just leave your Adwords account alone. Sometimes there is no silver bullet. As has been said before, great ppc performance will never compensate for a crappy website and/or crappy business. At that point, throw in the towel, quit wasting you or your clients money! But if you truly believe it is an issue with your Adwords, and not the site or the business model, then I have some advice that will help improve your Adwords account, besides doing nothing.

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Ghost(Stats) Spotted in Adwords

We at Get Found First can confirm a sighting of the “Ghost Stats” that have been plaguing Adwords advertisers across the nation. These Ghosts Stats show up on the Adwords interface when you hover over the graph and then will follow you around the interface.

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Ad Relevancy and Mormon Missionaries

Ad relevancy is something that I have preached since my first day in the internet marketing industry. I will continue to preach it until the day I die. I always chuckle when I see ads that are ridiculously irrelevant to me and what my interests are.

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Google Engage Visit

On April 26th I had the chance to visit Google at their Mountain View headquarters and give feedback on their new Adwords tool called


“Google Engage”.

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AdCenter Certified in Idaho

As of 1:30 p.m. today, Get Found First has its first adExcellence member! Looks like we are the first company to be AdCenter Certified in Idaho too. Is it weird that I’m talking about my own certification? Probably, but we just wanted to let everyone know!

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New Ad Rotation Option in Google Adwords Settings

There has always been an argument among PPC managers in regards to the best way to use the “AD ROTATION” settings in Google Adwords. My opinion has always been that both settings have their proper place and time to be used. As a quick reminder or for those who may be unfamiliar, within the settings tab at that campaign level, you can choose the way the Adwords platform chooses to display your ads if you have written more than one per adgroup (which in my opinion is a MUST because with PPC you should always be testing). Until yesterday, there were just two options to choose from for ad rotation:

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PPC Management Agencies Have Google Police Now

Do you remember in elementary school how much you looked forward to recess? I LOVED RECESS! You know, boy chase girl, girl chase boy, waiting your turn on the swing, sports, etc. Remember the recess aids? You know, the ladies on the playground that wore the whistle around their neck like it was a jewel on a necklace. They watched carefully for kids that misbehaved and when they did, that shrill of the whistle was loud enough everyone could hear it.

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