Is Google Adwords Too Complicated for Small Businesses?

Remember when Google AdWords was easy? Remember when all you needed was five minutes and a credit card to advertise to millions of people? Yes, those were the good old days, back in the early 2000s when Google launched its revolutionary pay-per-click (PPC) platform AdWords.

But in the 10 years since its launch, has Google AdWords become too complicated for SMBs?

Is Google AdWords Too Complicated for Small Businesses?

It Wasn’t Always This Complicated

I’ve worked with AdWords accounts for over six years now. My first foray into PPC was a group project in my Internet marketing class. My team was handed a shiny American Express gift card worth $500 and told to create an AdWords campaign for a local company. We did some keyword research, wrote a few ads and unleashed our creation into the wild. To this day I don’t know if the project had a positive ROI for the company, but at that point in time, using AdWords was so easy five college kids with no experience could do it.

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Adwords Editor Tips and Tricks 2011

Adwords Editor(AE) can make managing an Adwords account a lot easier. If you haven’t discovered and starting using it yet, here are some Adwords Editor Tips and Tricks that might convince you to download that little program and start using it… They’ll also make you smile like the lady in the picture! We’ve found AE to be most handy in accomplishing these everyday tasks:

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A Phone Number To Call Google

For my PPC management clients I have always touted the fact that because we are a Google Adwords Certified Partner Company we have a direct phone line to speak with a human being at Google. Google has recently put a huge emphasis on local search and in more ways than one. Rather than go into the details of all of the changes, I will stay focused on the one change that to me is HUGE! Google is giving out their phone number. They are reaching out to the meager budgeted, small businesses in small town USA. We help a client show up on the Google Map in Salem, Oregon.

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Have You Heard of the Google Lab Rat?

Google has been using me! Well, really, it’s nothing new, they have been using me since the day I chose to use their search engine. They use me to see what I search, and where I click, and how long I leave their site when I click on one of the search results they have provided. Used and abused I tell you. But now they have taken it to a whole new level! When I do a search now they aren’t just changing small things. Oh no. Now they are making massive changes to see how I react. It is like I am some sort of a test rat. Okay, maybe I am not the only one. Have you guys been “chosen” as a Google lab rat? Let me know if you feel used and we’ll let Google know together.

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I just don’t have time to manage Google Adwords! Enter: Google Boost Ads.

That sounds similar to my excuse for blogging! The fact is that I don’t make time as often as I should, and I am sorry about that! It all comes down to self-discipline, right? Well, maybe. If you work 60 hours a week, why would you want to discipline yourself to spend another hour working?

A lot of small business owners are tired after working 60 hours in a week and don’t want to do something they don’t enjoy. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard dentists, and other SMBs with websites say something like, “I just don’t have time to manage my Google Adwords account like I would like to, and like I know I need to.”

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Google’s Enhanced CPC Bidding

Wondering what you can do with Google’s Enhanced CPC Biddingsetting? I was too until after I watched Google’s webinar introducing the feature. Here are my notes from it:

What the heck is Enhanced CPC Bidding and why was this developed?

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Get Found First is a Google Adwords Certified Partner

Yes! This logo was officially provided to us after we officially passed the tests, met the other criteria regarding amount of spend managed and amount of time managing accounts, and now

Get Found First is a Google Adwords Certified Partner!

Google used to have a Google Adwords Qualified Individual Status, and a Google Adwords Qualified Company, and for a few more months companies can rest on those laurels.

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Lies and Google’s Cost Per Click Estimates

Have you ever set up a campaign for a client and got the question, “How much will I be paying each click?” How do you respond? Many times you might turn to Google’s Keyword Tool and look at CPC’s. But how accurate is Google’s Keyword Tool CPC estimator? We’ve taken a look at actual CPC’s from our clients and matched them up with what Google’s estimates.

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Google Rolls Out Remarketing

Have you ever thought about reaching those people who have visited your website, browsed around, but ended up not buying or signing up? You know they were at least a little interested in what you had to offer but after they leave they may never come back. Goodbye, adios, ciao!

Now you don’t have to say goodbye to them forever with Google’s new Adwords feature called Remarketing. These features allow you to target people who have visited certain parts of your website and display your ads to them on other parts of the internet. You might be asking yourself, how could I use this? Well let’s look at some examples:

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Adwords Pharmaceutical Policy Change

As Adwords experts it is important for Get Found First to stay on top of changes in Google Adwords policy. A recent change that may affect your advertising pertains to pharmaceutical policy. Straight from the Google Adwords blog we learn:

Only VIPPS and CIPA certified pharmacies will be allowed to advertise
We’ve made the decision to further restrict the ads we accept for online pharmacy sites in the U.S. and Canada. Starting at the end of this month, Google AdWords will only accept ads from online pharmacies in the U.S. that are accredited by the National Association Boards of Pharmacy VIPPS program, and from online pharmacies in Canada that are accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA.)

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Why does it pay to have a high Quality Score on Google Adwords?

About 10 years ago I had a buddy who used Google for his searches… I found it interesting that he wasn’t using Yahoo, AltaVista, or MSN. The Google page only had a place to search, no entertainment news, no email services, etc. I just didn’t understand what it was that he liked and millions of people like today. What was it that he liked? Relevancy. When he searched for something he found exactly what he wanted in the first results.

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