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Keyword Product Revenue Report

This post is for all you eCommerce marketing managers or business owners out there who are constantly looking for deeper insight into how your online advertising is performing. What I’m going to show you is how to easily pull data from your Google Analytics account into a custom Google spreadsheet.

This report will not only show you the revenue generated by a specific product but the keywords that lead users to that product and the resulting revenue.

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Best Regular Expression Guides and Tools

Regular expressions can be a bit daunting to understand. This is particularly so if your previous coding experience is minimal. As a pay-per-click manager you are often responsible for creating dashboards via Google Analytics and other analytic platforms.

The quickest way to create powerful insights in Google Analytics is by using regular expressions. The purpose of this blog post is to list some of our favorite regular expression resources.

Regular Expression being used in Google Analytics

This Google Analytics RegEX finds all keywords with the words awesome, best, and top. Regular expressions are fantastic tools to help create meaningful filters and are essential for the best Google Analytic’s hacks.

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