Google Visiting Get Found First Tomorrow In Rexburg, Idaho

Last week I got a call from an 800 number. I didn’t used to answer the phone from 800 numbers until I realized that calls from both Facebook and Google come from 800 numbers. I had a minute so I risked being bothered by someone that wasn’t FB or Google and answered. It was Patrick from Google Adwords. He was calling to see if we would be interested in having someone from Google present to potential customers. I said yes right away. Obviously the sales pitch to a potential customer is a lot easier if a representative from Google is helping make the pitch. Credibility sky rockets.

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Struggling with Search Engine Dysfunction?

Have you been unable to perform since the first Panda update? Does the Penguin have you cold as ice? Google algorithm adjustments in 2011 and 2012 have really effected the way grown businessmen are able to perform. This funny/cheesy video made us laugh. When your site’s search rankings tank in Google, sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

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Get on the Google Maps for Free?

Can you get found on the Google Maps for free? Yes you can, but first let me do some explaining.

Above is an example of a Google ad that really frustrates me. It just seems to me that the ad is a little misleading. Sure, the clicks don’t cost you anything, and Google doesn’t charge you to claim your listing that they have most likely already created for you.

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A Phone Number To Call Google

For my PPC management clients I have always touted the fact that because we are a Google Adwords Certified Partner Company we have a direct phone line to speak with a human being at Google. Google has recently put a huge emphasis on local search and in more ways than one. Rather than go into the details of all of the changes, I will stay focused on the one change that to me is HUGE! Google is giving out their phone number. They are reaching out to the meager budgeted, small businesses in small town USA. We help a client show up on the Google Map in Salem, Oregon.

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Have You Heard of the Google Lab Rat?

Google has been using me! Well, really, it’s nothing new, they have been using me since the day I chose to use their search engine. They use me to see what I search, and where I click, and how long I leave their site when I click on one of the search results they have provided. Used and abused I tell you. But now they have taken it to a whole new level! When I do a search now they aren’t just changing small things. Oh no. Now they are making massive changes to see how I react. It is like I am some sort of a test rat. Okay, maybe I am not the only one. Have you guys been “chosen” as a Google lab rat? Let me know if you feel used and we’ll let Google know together.

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One Lesson From Google About Testimonials

The goal of my website is to generate leads. To do this, the site teaches people about my company, and explains how we can help them. In the process, and as you go through the pages (that need some serious seo attention by the way) you will see that the site brags and is very biased because we created the content. What company would write bad things about themselves anyway…right?

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Can A Google Maps Listing Beat Out Paid and Organic Listings?

Who wins in a Google fight? A paid listing or a map listing? A first page natural listing or a #1 paid listing? You might be surprised what we found…

We have been advertising for a dental client over the last year on Adwords, and Google Maps. We have also done his SEO. This client has what we like to call the Google TRI-FECTA (they rank high with all 3 listings). With one website performing well in all 3 spaces, we were curious how each medium performed against each other. We took the results from the last 4 months, and dug up some info in Analytics. Here’s what we found:

This dentist’s campaign focuses on lead generation. Customers come to the website and sign up on a form that offers web only discounts on dental services. Overall there were 59 goal conversions.

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Google Rolls Out Remarketing

Have you ever thought about reaching those people who have visited your website, browsed around, but ended up not buying or signing up? You know they were at least a little interested in what you had to offer but after they leave they may never come back. Goodbye, adios, ciao!

Now you don’t have to say goodbye to them forever with Google’s new Adwords feature called Remarketing. These features allow you to target people who have visited certain parts of your website and display your ads to them on other parts of the internet. You might be asking yourself, how could I use this? Well let’s look at some examples:

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Why Is Important to Be On Top in Google?

On any given day someone will use Google search 14.6 times, that according to myself, my best guesstimate, and the number of times I actually use Google each day! Really, the number might be competely off but the fact is we use search engines often in the day. What happens when we use those search engines though? Do we analyze the results that come up? Do we read the abstracts of each result and then pick out which result we like best? The answer, not suprisingly is no! We trust the first results of what comes up more than anything else the search engine gives us.

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Rumors of Google “Store View” Spreading

According to Barry Schwartz of, Google is planning a “Google Store View”. Currently in Google Maps you can see traffic, a normal map, a satelite map, a terrain map, and as you zoom in more you can even do a “street view”. This allows you to see what the area looks like if you were actually on the street itself. Google accomplishes street view with a fleet of cars mounted with cameras. They simply drive around the streets with sophisticated camera equipment constantly taking pictures. If you’re interested in seeing what it looks like here is an article with some up close pictures of the equipment.

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