Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Agency In 2019

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Most business owners know that to grow a business in today’s market, digital marketing is the way to go. When you need to find a service or a product and you aren’t sure where to go, where do you look? On the internet. Word of mouth is a good strategy to get a few new […]

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How to Use Keywords for Best SEO?

Keywords and SEO

By Katie Harris: Keywords are basically what drives the organic or free traffic to your website. Do you know what keywords you currently rank for? Do you know what keywords you should rank for? Do you know keywords you do rank for? Using the correct keywords can catapult your online presence and attract the website […]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use PPC AND SEO Together for Your Marketing Strategy

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Maybe for you, it’s easier to focus solely on organic rankings (Google Search) because on the surface, it’s free. Perhaps PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) is more appealing since you know exactly what keywords are driving traffic. Both avenues have their strengths and weaknesses; however, if you’re only using one of these strategies you’re missing […]

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Online, You Live or Die on User Experience

Some of you know that I have a passion for wakeboarding. I work lots of Saturday mornings because I love my work, but if it is over 70 degrees outside on a Saturday morning, you won’t find me in front of a computer. You are much more likely to find me upside down on a wakeboard flying through the air behind a boat.

A guy in my neighborhood has a business that does wraps, decals, and skins for boats, atvs, snowmobiles, etc. Just recently I bought a new wrap for my boat through his website, but not until after 3 phone calls and multiple tries at the shopping cart. At first I felt so dumb. Why was it so difficult to make purchase and get what I wanted? Why did I feel so unsure that I was actually going to get what I wanted? Was it me?

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S.W.O.T. Analysis of Your PPC Advertising Strategy

This is the third post in a series entitled: “5 Analysis Tools: A Conceptual Look at PPC.” This series will focus on utilizing these five tools to help you develop a strong paid online advertising strategy.

Pay-Per-Click S.W.O.T. Analysis

swot analysis
The S.W.O.T. analysis is a great tool is to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your PPC advertising (as well as your overall marketing and business objectives). In general use, it groups information into two categories: internal and external factors (Wikipedia).

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New E-Book – Consumer Segmentation for Online Marketers

It would be nice if people would just buy our products. Too bad it doesn’t work that way. This is why we do marketing. To get to the people who will buy our products.

This E-Book describes the process of getting data and analyzing it to segment your market to illustrate what types of consumers are buying. Also, it gives tips as to what online marketing tools you can use to reach these segments once you define them. You can get the E-Book here – Consumer Segmentation for Online Marketers

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What can Pay Per Click Advertising Do For My Car Dealership?

This is the first entry in a series exploring the impact of PPC advertising in various industries.

The auto industry is well positioned to take full advantage of the benefits of pay per click (PPC) advertising. Let’s face it, buyers are looking online more than ever to research everything from soup to nuts and making a major purchase like a car or truck is certainly no exception. According to Google, there were 301,000 searches last month just for the term “dodge truck”. Your buyers are on the web, can they find you?

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PPC Market Analysis with PEST

This is the first post in a series entitled: “5 Analysis Tools: A Conceptual Look at PPC”. This series will focus on utilizing five marketing tools to help develop a strong paid online advertising strategy.</>

The first tool we will look at is commonly known as a P-E-S-T analysis. Whether you’re familiar with this tool or not my hope is that this post will provide some useful ideas and perspectives.

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Project Management Tools for PPC

This is part 1 in a series of 4 articles concerning Project Management for a continuous marketing project.

Overflowing To-Do List

The key reasons why we want a project management system for our marketing projects are efficiency and organization. Any marketing project can become extremely hectic with large lists of things that need to be done.

For example, a Pay-Per-Click account; building new campaigns, writing ads for the new promotion, optimizing what is working, fixing what isn’t, and don’t forget working with the client or upper management. All that can get pretty crazy.

You have to have a system to manage it all or something is bound to go wrong.

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The Coolest Banner Ad I Have Ever Seen

We get used to ignoring banner ads. They catch my eye more than they do for the average Joe, just because they interest me and I like to see how others are having success, or failing, with their ad campaigns. When I am on Youtube, I have gotten pretty good at overlooking ads, but this one caught my eye. I had never seen anything like it:

Devinsupertramp ad

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