PPC Market Analysis with PEST

This is the first post in a series entitled: “5 Analysis Tools: A Conceptual Look at PPC”. This series will focus on utilizing five marketing tools to help develop a strong paid online advertising strategy.</>

The first tool we will look at is commonly known as a P-E-S-T analysis. Whether you’re familiar with this tool or not my hope is that this post will provide some useful ideas and perspectives.

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Project Management Tools for PPC

This is part 1 in a series of 4 articles concerning Project Management for a continuous marketing project.

Overflowing To-Do List

The key reasons why we want a project management system for our marketing projects are efficiency and organization. Any marketing project can become extremely hectic with large lists of things that need to be done.

For example, a Pay-Per-Click account; building new campaigns, writing ads for the new promotion, optimizing what is working, fixing what isn’t, and don’t forget working with the client or upper management. All that can get pretty crazy.

You have to have a system to manage it all or something is bound to go wrong.

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The Coolest Banner Ad I Have Ever Seen

We get used to ignoring banner ads. They catch my eye more than they do for the average Joe, just because they interest me and I like to see how others are having success, or failing, with their ad campaigns. When I am on Youtube, I have gotten pretty good at overlooking ads, but this one caught my eye. I had never seen anything like it:

Devinsupertramp ad

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Petition to Give Advertisers more Control over the PPC Management of Search Partners on Google

Of all of the things which bug me in this world… few drive me as crazy as to the limited control options available within Google regarding Search Partners.

Seriously, I get irritated on a daily basis with this one piece of control I don’t have. It is so bad that it makes me extol the virtues of BingAds just because they give me the level of control I desire… and I know almost every other PPC practitioner worth their medal would scream and shout for joy if given the control tomorrow on Adwords.

Let me ask you as an awesome analytical marketer if you looked at something like the image below what would you want to do?

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Big news for the PPC management world

Through the Twitter-verse, it is incredible the relationships that can be made. In the PPC management galaxy, everyone knows that #PPCchat is where the experts reside (see the stream cap here). Each week at 12 PM EST, the great @matt_umbro moderates the official, hour long PPC love fest. One week the discussion can be about how to effectively manage PLAs (Google Shopping), the next it could be about different bid management platforms.

This is where all the PPC stars come together.One of those stars is Bryant Garvin.

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Besides PPC Ads, What Else Is There?

Get Found First is our name, PPC is our game. Clients come to us for ppc management services. They don’t want their online ad budget to go to waste, and they know that we have the expertise to yield them a significant return on investment. Over these last four years of managing online ad budgets, a question that I get asked a lot is,

“so…what else can I be doing? I am having success with PPC, but now I want to milk the web for all it is worth!”

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Web Marketing in Idaho

What was your first thought/reaction when you read the title, Web Marketing in Idaho?

My guess is that it was one of the following:

  1. Chuckled under your breath.
  2. LOLed.
  3. ROFLed.
  4. Thought, “they have computers in Idaho?”
  5. Thought, “Sweet! I’m going to read this to get tips on how to buy potatoes for cheap online!”
  6. Or, maybe, you were one of the few, who thought, “Cool. There are even dudes in Idaho who are paying the bills with web marketing.”

I’d love to hear what your *honest* reaction was so don’t forget to leave yours in the comments.

I just recently attended Blue Glass LA, an amazing internet marketing conference where some of the best SEOs in the country attended. I personally got to meet and speak with Rand Fishkin. Yeah, it was that cool.

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Internet Marketing Vocab – Learn a New Language!

Have you ever walked into a conversation where the two speaking you could tell were speaking your native tongue, but because they were speaking about their niche industry, nobody else in the conversation had a clue what they were talking about? I remember as a young boy listening into conversations my dad was having about politics and/or business and hearing lots of words I had never heard before, and none of them were swear words.

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Technorati Blogging

Looking for a good way to get your blog found by the hundreds of millions of internet users that are surfing around daily? Well look no further… is your answer. Technorati is a website that allows you to index your blog to make it easier for readers to find. It allows you to add your blog to several categories and put dozens of tags for your blog; making it much easier to find when someone searches for a blog.

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