Project Management: Plan Your PPC Optimizations

The Easy Part

In the last two posts we went over choosing a tool and determining a cycle length. Now it is time to plan what you will do in that cycle. With Pay-Per-Click this is fairly easy because there are defined ppc optimization tasks that you do for every account.

If it makes it easier. Break your tasks down to the individual things that you do. Then assign each task the time it takes to complete. Then you can easily order the tasks however your like.

The Hard Part

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Google Enhanced Campaigns: Could They Hurt Bing?

Google sure knows how to get the PPC community into a tizzy of whirlwind blog posts, a spontaneous #PPCChat at an unscheduled time, and over all grumbling about how much Enhanced Campaigns is going to be a challenge. There has been a lot of talk about how we are going to need to restructure campaigns and rethink how we do things. What was a couple days ago, the norm for advanced PPC marketers is now obsolete moving forward. But one thing none of us has really thought or talked about is how will this impact BingAds?

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Brief Overview of Negative Keyword Conflict Reports – Microsoft AdCenter


Every PPC junkie knows negative keywords can make or break a campaign.

Have the right negative keywords and click through rates (CTR) rise, cost per acquisition (CPA) drops, and cost per click (CPC) drops. Have the wrong negative keywords and best case scenario you’re not filtering out unqualified searches. The worst case scenario, you’ve totally screwed yourself by blocking important and relevant searches.

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AdCenter Certified in Idaho

As of 1:30 p.m. today, Get Found First has its first adExcellence member! Looks like we are the first company to be AdCenter Certified in Idaho too. Is it weird that I’m talking about my own certification? Probably, but we just wanted to let everyone know!

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The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance

In Star Wars Anakin and Luke Skywalker brought balance to the force. In Lord of the Rings it was Frodo. Now for search and display markets balance is being brought back with the formation of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance (sorry there probably won’t be any movies made about this one).

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Google VS Bing Vs Yahoo! Who Gets More Traffic?

We posted last month about November’s search results… Here is the latest:

Working closely with the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we often get asked the question: how much traffic does each of the search sites get? To answer this question we turn to the latest results courtesy of Experian Hitwise:

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What percentage of online searches begin with Google versus Yahoo and Bing?

Jack Marshall of answers a question in his recent blog post, Yahoo and Bing Lose U.S. Search Share in November, that I am asked all the time.


The Question: What percentage of online searches begin with Google versus Yahoo and Bing?


My answer, per Jack Marshall:

“Google accounted for almost 72 percent of all U.S. searches conducted during the four weeks ending November 28th 2009, according to data from Experian Hitwise.

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