Tips of Increasing Productivity


Whether in business or at home increasing productivity can be a useful tool in being able to accomplish goals and day-to-day tasks. Productively using our time can not only save us some blood, sweat, and tears but allow us to get a grasp on each day. Below are tips that can help you and your employees be more productive.

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Brief Overview of Negative Keyword Conflict Reports – Microsoft AdCenter


Every PPC junkie knows negative keywords can make or break a campaign.

Have the right negative keywords and click through rates (CTR) rise, cost per acquisition (CPA) drops, and cost per click (CPC) drops. Have the wrong negative keywords and best case scenario you’re not filtering out unqualified searches. The worst case scenario, you’ve totally screwed yourself by blocking important and relevant searches.

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Dental Pay Per Click Strategies – Part 3 – KeyWords

This is the third post of a series of dental PPC strategies. This week we are going to focus our attention on writing keywords that will attract the most relevant traffic and keep you safe from searches that have no relevance.

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Dental Pay Per Click Strategies – Part 2 – Ads

This is the second in a five part series on Dental Pay Per Click Strategies. This week we are going to be covering how to make a killer dental PPC ad. If you missed last week’s post check out how to make good dental pay per click structure.

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Cookies Are Heavenly

No, the title does not refer to the “geek” “cookies” used for remarketing and other fun things of the sort. I am talking about purely delicious, sensationally terriffic, appealing to the eye, shipped fresh, sitting on a nice silver platter, gourmet cookies.

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Dental Pay Per Click Strategies – Part 1 – Account Structure

The following post is the first of a series on Dental Pay Per Click Strategies. When creating any confident, relevant dental pay per click account, account structure plays a strong hand in the account working effectively and you making changes efficiently.

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Get Found First Welcomes Courtney Rosemeyer

Employee turnover within a company is such a mix of emotions. Our previous Office Assistant that helped me keep track of finances, billing, paperwork, and scheduling has moved on. Her husband got a job somewhere east of the Mississipi. We will miss Shally! We really wer sad to say goodbye.

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July 2011 adCenter Upgrade – Intital Reaction

Microsoft announced today a new upgrade to the adCenter user interface. I was particularly excited given that I’ve been frustrated with adCenter’s interface and I’ve also given feedback to Microsoft on how it could be improved.

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Avoid PPC Disaster – Get a 2nd Pair of Eyes on Your Account

Have you noticed how much HUGE mistakes have resulted from TINY errors around the world recently? Anthony Weiner accidently sent a public message instead of a direct message on Twitter and now his career and possibly personal life is ruined. It happens often now with rapid-fire social media and it can happen with rapid-fire PPC too!One of the most important and underutilized tools for any PPC manager is a second set of eyes. Imagine if Weiner had a second pair of eyes looking at him tweeting… for one they may have stopped from being stupid at all, but they definitely would have told him to DM it.

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How To Pick The Best PPC Management Company

Too often, potential clients come to me unprepared. If you manage PPC, or work for or with a PPC Management Company, you know what I am talking about. They call, email, or fill out a form, and all they know is that they need to be advertising or improving their current advertising on Google and that your company’s website says that is what you do.

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