Top 10 Reasons To Join PPCChat

Whether you run a PPC management agency, do PPC for an agency, in-house, on the side for Uncle John’s business, or for your own business, you may have heard of the PPCchat hashtag. You can find us tweeting their all week long, but the flood of tweets starts at Noon Eastern Time on Tuesdays. For those of you on the fence about the value of joining the PPCchat community, this one’s for you.

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S.W.O.T. Analysis of Your PPC Advertising Strategy

This is the third post in a series entitled: “5 Analysis Tools: A Conceptual Look at PPC.” This series will focus on utilizing these five tools to help you develop a strong paid online advertising strategy.

Pay-Per-Click S.W.O.T. Analysis

swot analysis
The S.W.O.T. analysis is a great tool is to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your PPC advertising (as well as your overall marketing and business objectives). In general use, it groups information into two categories: internal and external factors (Wikipedia).

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Pay-Per-Click Project Management – Repeating Projects

This is part 2 in a series of 4 articles concerning Project Management for a continuous marketing project.

So, now you have a tool to help you manage your Pay-Per-Click projects, now what? The hardest part about project management for marketing projects like Pay-per-Click advertising is that they are continuous. Most project management philosophies center around projects that have a set beginning and ending and therefore they don’t work well with continuous projects. How then do you manage continuous projects?

The answer is that you create cycles.

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Best Regular Expression Guides and Tools

Regular expressions can be a bit daunting to understand. This is particularly so if your previous coding experience is minimal. As a pay-per-click manager you are often responsible for creating dashboards via Google Analytics and other analytic platforms.

The quickest way to create powerful insights in Google Analytics is by using regular expressions. The purpose of this blog post is to list some of our favorite regular expression resources.

Regular Expression being used in Google Analytics

This Google Analytics RegEX finds all keywords with the words awesome, best, and top. Regular expressions are fantastic tools to help create meaningful filters and are essential for the best Google Analytic’s hacks.

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Adwords owns the upper fold of SERPS [infographic]

Think about the last time you did a search on a laptop or tablet. If you must, go do a search right now. How many organic results do you see? My guess is that you will see at a minimum 7. But wait, how many of them did you see without having to scroll down? Did you basically auto-scroll (like auto-pilot) when the results appeared, or did you skim the first results first? Us PPC guys are getting pretty good at writing compelling Adwords ads that get more clicks. What if the searcher doesn’t scroll? Will they ever see your organic ranking in the #2 spot in search results that you worked so hard to achieve?

Well, the great Dr. Pete from SEOMOZ is always analyzing search. He wanted to find out more about how much real estate ads now have on SERPs. It seems to me that more and more searches, when seen on an average laptop, only include one or two organic results in the upper fold. That is my opinion, but my reason for this post is to simply share the really cool data Dr. Pete has provided. To do so, I have embedded his infographic in all it’s glory:

Google AdWords Landscape Infographic
Produced by SEOmoz. ©2013.
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PPC Analysis with Porter’s Five Forces

This is the second post in a series entitled: “5 Analysis Tools: A Conceptual Look at PPC.” This series will focus on utilizing these five tools to help you develop and manage a strong paid search advertising strategy.

Porter’s Five Forces is the next analysis tool to add to your PPC toolbox.

Porter’s Five Forces Method is used to determine the competitive forces at work in a given business situation. It goes beyond just looking at your direct competitors but at other forces at work in your industry (“The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy”).

These forces are supplier power, buyer power, competitive rivalry, threat of substitution, and threat of new entry (“Porter Five Forces Analysis”).

Porter's Five Forces Model

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What can Pay Per Click Advertising Do For My Car Dealership?

This is the first entry in a series exploring the impact of PPC advertising in various industries.

The auto industry is well positioned to take full advantage of the benefits of pay per click (PPC) advertising. Let’s face it, buyers are looking online more than ever to research everything from soup to nuts and making a major purchase like a car or truck is certainly no exception. According to Google, there were 301,000 searches last month just for the term “dodge truck”. Your buyers are on the web, can they find you?

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PPC Market Analysis with PEST

This is the first post in a series entitled: “5 Analysis Tools: A Conceptual Look at PPC”. This series will focus on utilizing five marketing tools to help develop a strong paid online advertising strategy.</>

The first tool we will look at is commonly known as a P-E-S-T analysis. Whether you’re familiar with this tool or not my hope is that this post will provide some useful ideas and perspectives.

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