Before You Give Up On Adwords, Try This

What are the next best steps to improve your Adwords account? Raise the bids to increase CTR? Lower the bids to lower the CPC? Write new ads? What to do? What to do?

My advice: NOTHING. Don’t do anything! Sometimes it is best to just leave your Adwords account alone. Sometimes there is no silver bullet. As has been said before, great ppc performance will never compensate for a crappy website and/or crappy business. At that point, throw in the towel, quit wasting you or your clients money! But if you truly believe it is an issue with your Adwords, and not the site or the business model, then I have some advice that will help improve your Adwords account, besides doing nothing.

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Top PPC Takeaways From Pubcon Las Vegas 2011

Pubcon Las Vegas was epic from start to finish. Not only was there epic dinner, epic karaoke, and epic networking, there also was loads of great PPC information being passed around! I’ve compiled the best tips and tricks from the PPC experts who presented at the conference:

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Avoid PPC Disaster – Get a 2nd Pair of Eyes on Your Account

Have you noticed how much HUGE mistakes have resulted from TINY errors around the world recently? Anthony Weiner accidently sent a public message instead of a direct message on Twitter and now his career and possibly personal life is ruined. It happens often now with rapid-fire social media and it can happen with rapid-fire PPC too!One of the most important and underutilized tools for any PPC manager is a second set of eyes. Imagine if Weiner had a second pair of eyes looking at him tweeting… for one they may have stopped from being stupid at all, but they definitely would have told him to DM it.

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How To Pick The Best PPC Management Company

Too often, potential clients come to me unprepared. If you manage PPC, or work for or with a PPC Management Company, you know what I am talking about. They call, email, or fill out a form, and all they know is that they need to be advertising or improving their current advertising on Google and that your company’s website says that is what you do.

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Google Engage Visit

On April 26th I had the chance to visit Google at their Mountain View headquarters and give feedback on their new Adwords tool called


“Google Engage”.

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