Dave Snyder’s (of BlueGlassInc) Linky Goodness

Here were my takeaways from Dave’s portion of the Link Building portion of the amazingBlueGlass Conference.


Links are the key to domination on the web. Get high quality links first that will convert, but also, just go get links!

Links are the core concept of the internet, and don’t forget that.

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Can A Google Maps Listing Beat Out Paid and Organic Listings?

Who wins in a Google fight? A paid listing or a map listing? A first page natural listing or a #1 paid listing? You might be surprised what we found…

We have been advertising for a dental client over the last year on Adwords, and Google Maps. We have also done his SEO. This client has what we like to call the Google TRI-FECTA (they rank high with all 3 listings). With one website performing well in all 3 spaces, we were curious how each medium performed against each other. We took the results from the last 4 months, and dug up some info in Analytics. Here’s what we found:

This dentist’s campaign focuses on lead generation. Customers come to the website and sign up on a form that offers web only discounts on dental services. Overall there were 59 goal conversions.

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Google and Keywords

Yes. I specialize in PPC management. I help people “Get Found First” on Google through paid advertisements. But, as you may have already seen on our site, we help website owners get on the first page of Google through natural, organic or free listings as well that show up on the left side of the page.

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