Convert More With 4 Holiday PPC Strategies

December 14, 2020

is a fantastic way to get your company’s name and service or product in front of the audience that you want to market to. 

During the holiday season, business owners have an enormous opportunity to grow. Your customers are ready to make a purchase so why not purchase from you? The gift-giving season is your time to express why your audience should buy from you and pay-per-click is the fastest and easiest avenue to tell them. 

Customers aren’t completely impulse shopping during the holidays. Where throughout the year customers may be searching “red running shoe deals”, during the holiday’s customers may be searching “best holiday deals on red running shoes.” They are also searching with high-intent. They are looking for “gifts for teenage boys”, “stocking stuffers”, and “renting a car during COVID.” 

The better you strategize to engage with your potential customers during this time will help you improve your conversion rate and ROI. Need more information? Call Get Found First and talk to one of our Google Ad experts about how this works!

4 Holiday PPC Strategies To Help You Convert Better 

You don’t have to completely change everything about your marketing to be successful. If you are currently running PPC campaigns, your overall strategy doesn’t need to change – just a few pieces of it. If you work with a PPC management company like Get Found First, start planning your strategies for holidays in advance so that everything is prepped before the season starts.

  1. Audiences – Your audience targeting may change during the holidays. Since you want to reach people who are purchasing gifts for the audience you normally would target – you may want to consider expanding your audience targeting or where you are allowing ads to show online.
  2. Holiday Messaging – Customers love, love, love the holidays and your participation with holiday messaging is going to speak to your audience and pull in their attention the fastest. You don’t have to create all new ads either. You can update some content within the ads or add new images that are more festive. Depending on the type of ads you are running, you will have different options.
  3. Ad Extensions – Extensions are useful for several reasons. They can show your sales prices directly in the ad, provide links to specific pages or products, advertise holiday promotions, and include clickable phone numbers that customers can use directly from the ad. Your pay-per-click ad management team will know which extensions will work best for your particular company and ads. 
  4. Special Discounts – Impulse shoppers are looking for deals. When you already have holiday messaging built-in, you can amp up those ads with special holiday discounts to drive the sale home.  Special holiday bundles and free shipping are common holiday deals that business owners like to offer during the season. 


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