Dave Snyder’s (of BlueGlassInc) Linky Goodness

Here were my takeaways from Dave’s portion of the Link Building portion of the amazingBlueGlass Conference.


Links are the key to domination on the web. Get high quality links first that will convert, but also, just go get links!

Links are the core concept of the internet, and don’t forget that.

Here is what Dave thinks (I agree fully. Dave is the man on this stuff!):

Don’t just go spam everything! Link acquisition boils down to two concepts:

1.) Monetary Response – People love money and will do disgusting things to get it

2.) Emotional Response – Anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, acceptance, and joy.

Step 1: Mine Data

-What are people linking to in your vertical? (linkscape)

-How are they linking? (linkscape)

-What topics are people emotional about now? (google and twitter trends)

-How have people historically interacted with content? (linkscape)

Step 2: Create Your Reason for Linking

Step 3: Craft Outreach Strategy from Data

-Create an outreach list

-Look at social venues that have led to links in the past

-Make lasting relationships within your vertical that can be quickly and easily leveraged based on trends

Step 4:?

Step 5: Outreach

-Quantify and inventory the links

Step 6: Data Collection and Categorization

Step 7: Rinse and Repeat…No…Seriously!

Approach link building with this in mind:

Will this link increase my traffic and share my content with correct audience?

Typing super fast so please accept my apologies for typ-o’s.