Dental Pay Per Click Strategies – Part 1 – Account Structure

August 18, 2011

The following post is the first of a series on Dental Pay Per Click Strategies. When creating any confident, relevant dental pay per click account, account structure plays a strong hand in the account working effectively and you making changes efficiently.

After creating your dentist ppc account, you begin your setup by creating a campaign. The campaign should have a relevant name and is where your settings are determined, as well as your specific geo-targeting. Within your campaign you will create a series of adgroups.

Adgroups are just as the name implies. This is where you separate ads and keywords by relevancy. For example, for a dentist that offers dental implants, sedation dentistry, and is a dentist in Ronan, Montana; they will want to create an adgroup for “dental implants”, one for “sedation dentistry”, and one for “Ronan Dentist”.

Each Adgroup should include keywords and ads that are relevant to that group.  Below are some examples:

  • Adgroup– Implants
    • Keywords- dental implants, implants, tooth implants.
    • Ad- Need Dental Implants? 25 Years Experience in Dental Implants. Call Us Today!
  • Adgroup– Sedation Dentistry
    • Keywords- sedation dentist, dental sedation, sedation dentistry
    • Ad- Sedation Dentist in Ronan. Stop Worrying. See a Sedation Dentist Pro. Schedule Now!
  • Adgroup– Ronan Dentist
    • Keywords- ronan dentist, ronan dental, dentist
    • Ad- Trusted Ronan Dentist. Find A Trusted Ronan Dentist. Call Today!

That is the basic structure of a dentist ppc account. If you need to add more adgroups because of new services offered, or if you need to create a new campaign because you want to target a different part of a city, you can accomplish that quickly and stay organized at the same time.

Also keep in mind that keeping the adgroups relevant and organized will do more than just help you work faster. Google puts a lot of weight on relevancy. The more relevant your adgroups are, the better your quality score will be. Quality score is one of the metrics that effects how much you pay for your position. A higher quality score yields a better average position and a lower cost per click. This is really where structure becomes important for any dental ppc account.

See our next post on great dental PPC ads next week!

Sterling Green

Dental PPC Account Manager

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