Dental Pay Per Click Strategies – Part 2 – Ads

August 23, 2011

This is the second in a five part series on Dental Pay Per Click Strategies. This week we are going to be covering how to make a killer dental PPC ad. If you missed last week’s post check out how to make good dental pay per click structure.

Why is the ad so important? For three reasons: 1) it gets you noticed on the SERP and gets you the click 2) it lets the searcher know they found what they are looking for and 3) it sets the expectation for what a searcher can expect on the landing page. If you have a smooth path from ad –> expectation –> landing page –> goal you can expect success from your PPC management. So let’s look at some good ads that work for our dental PPC clients:



  • Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in title to make ad more relevant.
  • The keyword “Denture” is mentioned 3 times.
  • Funny or witty(ok, at least we think so).
  • Call to action.



  • Local and geo keywords are empashized. We used the name of the city and nearby school.
  • Offer is mentioned in the ad itself preparing searchers for what they can get on the landing page.
  • Call to action.



  • Title continues to the first line drawing more attention.
  • Unique selling propositions highlighting “affordable dental care” and “$99 off”.
  • Call to action.

As a last note I will simply add that you must always be testing! Have at least 2-3 ads in each adgroup and test different headlines, different ordering of words, different calls to action, different display URL text, and more! You WILL be surprised what you find works for dental PPC ads.

Tune in next week to find out about the best keywords to use in dental ppc accounts.


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