Dental Pay Per Click Strategies – Part 4 – Landing Page and Offers

September 9, 2011

Having great ads and a solid keyword list is great and all, but without a proper landing page and dental offer, you will be hard pressed to get the new patients in your office.

Landing Page

When making an effective landing page, it is first important to first consider your potential patient and why they have come to your website. If you have written an effective ad, you should have called them to an action of some kind. With that call, they are at your site with the expectation that you want them to do something – a phone call, form request, or read about something important. It is important that you make it easy and almost obvious for them to do what you want, on your dental PPC landing page. That might mean:

· Putting your phone number in big bold numbers at the top of the page

· Putting a fast, easy form on the landing page

· Having an arrow pointing to what they need to do

· Having an obvious link to where you want to send them next

These techniques should always be done tastefully. People aren’t dumb, they will see through a gimmick quickly. We recommend using a form with a dental offer to get the best results.

Dental Offer

People on the internet will rarely give without getting something in return. That is why we recommend offering some kind of dental offer to new patients. (example: We have seen that having multiple offers, which appeals to a larger group, are more effective than an offer that is very specific. To the right is an example of a form used in a dental pay-per-click account.

The form is very simple, but in the context of the website it is obvious and tasteful. It is also very effective and brings in a large number of new patients every month. The offer is only valid to those that schedule an appointment and come in to redeem it.

It is also important to have a simple and clear navigation on your landing page and content that is relevant to the keyword searched. This not only helps the person surfing your site, but also will help your PPC quality score with Google. A better quality score means a lower cost per click and a better average position.

So make sure that you have a relevant landing page that has incentives for your new patient. This is a key part of having a successful Dental pay-per-click account.


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