Dental Pay Per Click Strategies – Part 5 – Account Optimizing

October 18, 2011

This is our final dental pay-per-click strategy in our 5 part series. Thus far, we have discussed four important aspects of an effective dental pay-per-click account:

· Account structure

· Dental ads

· Dental keywords

· Landings pages with offers

After you have created that solid foundation, it is essential that you take time to optimize your account frequently. In this post, you will learn some great tips to help your account improve and save you money.

The following are things that are ‘musts’ when it comes to frequent dental account optimizations.

Dental Ad Optimization

Select an adgroup and compare the CTR or click-through rate of your ads.
Pause the ads that have the lower CTR and create a new ad that is based on the best performing ad.
Repeat this process for all of your adgroups weekly or at least monthly.
Dental Bid Optimization

Select an adgroup and view the keywords. Pay attention to the average position and CPC (cost per click) of your most important keywords.
Adjust your bids according to how much you want to spend on a keyword and if you have a desired position.
New Dental Negative Keywords

Take a minute to view the search term report found within the keyword tab.
Select keywords in the search report that are not relevant to your practice or are searches that show they are not serious about finding a dentist.
We recommend that you view this report at least monthly if not weekly
If you have more time to dedicate to your dental pay-per-click account here are few other things we recommend.

New Dental Keywords

Use Google’s keyword tool and websites like to find ideas for more relevant dental keywords.
Use your search term report to find relevant searches that you are not currently targeting.
Break High Volume Keywords Into New Adgroups

Look for keywords in your adgroups that are receiving a high volume of clicks and impressions.
Copy one of those search terms like ‘dentist’ into a new adgroup with all three match types: broad, “phrase”, and [exact].
Write ads in the new adgroup that are relevant to the separated keyword.
Note that by separating the keyword, you are able to pay special attention to its progress and also write ads that are more relevant than before. This strategy helps with the CTR and quality score improve.
That concludes our 5 part series for Dental Pay Per Click Strategies with Google Adwords. We encourage you to implement these strategies and find out how Google Adwords can benefit your practice.

–Sterling Green

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