Get The Most Out Of Google My Business

October 13, 2019

If you’ve set up your Google My Business listing and have it fully optimized to drive the best results, you might think that you can sit back and watch it rake in whatever it is going to. But like any other avenue that you use to increase your customer base, you want to use your GMB listing to work for you…and there are ways to boost GMB performance. The experts at Get Found First have a few suggestions that can help you leverage Google My Business and the tools that it offers.

Don’t Stop Requesting Reviews

Not all of your customers think about going online to rave about the stellar experience they had with your company. Even if they are extremely impressed with you, a review is not the first thought on their minds as it is yours. That’s ok! You can send subtle reminders or even outrightly ask them to provide a review on Google. There are a few reasons why Google Reviews help your company.

  • They literally cost nothing – its free advertising.
  • They grow your organic rankings and help you improve your business’s brand.
  • Gives you an opportunity to respond and provide extra customer service.
  • It’s a valuable way to change a bad experience into a positive one for a customer

Reviews aren’t difficult to ask for. You can text a link to your review page, email it, or simply ask your client to leave a review. Some companies even offer incentives to their customers that leave reviews for them. Don’t forget to encourage honesty and photos!

Use The Tools

Google has enhanced GMB recently with some new business tools that can help you. The new social aspect of GMB allows users to follow your profile, just like they would on Facebook. You can post as you might on social media and garner the attention of your followers. It’s another free marketing avenue that can boost your online presence. GMB has taken the social media feature to a new level with a Google Marketing Kit that allows you to make stickers, posters, and other types of social media posts to promote your business. This is a great tool to use when you are offering new deals and promotions or want to make your followers aware of a sale or new coupons.

Keep It Real

Like all social media platforms, pay attention to your presence and your message. Just like any type of social media marketing, avoid sounding spammy. No automating content or paying people to leave reviews. Online users can see through that spammy content from a mile away and will be quick to shrug your company off as untrustworthy. Keep it real and honest and your users will see that you are authentic and reliable, and you will be much more likely to gain potential clients.

Google My Business isn’t finished there. They have some awesome new features rolling out in the not-so-distant future that will award local businesses who rank in in the top 5% of their business categories. Though we don’t know very much about this addition to GMB, we are sure it is going to be a valuable feature soon.

Not Familiar With Google My Business?

If you are unsure about where to start with Google My Business, don’t stress. Get Found First has a team of experts who handle GMB set-up every day. We are happy to help you get started or to educate you in all-things-GMB so that you feel like you are in the loop! Contact our professional team today for a consultation and to get started on the right track to boost your online presence through GMB.

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