Ghost(Stats) Spotted in Adwords

June 24, 2011

We at Get Found First can confirm a sighting of the “Ghost Stats” that have been plaguing Adwords advertisers across the nation. These Ghosts Stats show up on the Adwords interface when you hover over the graph and then will follow you around the interface.

There are thousands(or maybe just a couple) of theories as to why and when the Ghost Stats show up and decide not to go away. Are they Googlers watching our every move? A stray “Panda” that escaped from the Organic results? Here are what some others had to say:

“Ghost stats in the middle of my Adwords data makes me wonder what Google is trying to hide.” @mel66

”I had to leave my home, I thought the Ghost in the machine was out to get me.” @warrenj

“First they started showing up in my Adwords account. They would hang around for a couple days, then go away. Each time a new one came up, the CPA was higher. Then they started showing up in my adCenter account too.  Then they would show up as floating orbs in my pictures. Now I can’t watch TV without them popping up. I apparently have a CPA of $2054.78 on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” @michellemsem

Be careful and weary of the Ghost Stats PPCers. We’re not alone in Adwords.

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