4 Advantages Of Using An Agency To Manage Your Google Ads

February 8, 2019

Being a business owner means making decisions. When it comes to marketing your company, a lot of decisions accompany. The biggest: who should manage your Google Ads? Of course, many business owners feel that in-house google ad management will suffice and will help their company gain exposure and drive more conversions. However, using an in-house management system may actually ending up costing more than it’s worth. Here’s why:

  1. Google Ads Best Practices And BenchMarks – When a marketing agency manages Google Ads accounts, you can bet that they have an “in” on best practices and best methods of practice for using the tool. They are always going to be on the look-out and receiving new information so that they can perform the best for their clients. Their job IS managing Google Ads. They don’t have to take time away from their regular jobs to understand Google Ads – it’s what they do. They also have an eye for industry standards. For example, if you are running your own Ads account, you may not know if the stats that you are getting are considered “good” for your industry or “bad”. An agency is going to have those figures so that they know what to reach for and when something isn’t working correctly.
  2. Multiple People Manage Your Account – In an agency, it is not one person who sticks with one strategy over and over again that is managing your account. You usually rely on a team of professionals who have all tried different strategies and methods to get accounts to perform well and to maximize conversions. All of these people have been trained, educated, re-educated and are continually being educated in new “best standards” of practice, and have experience handling multiple accounts. The knowledge is boundless compared to what the account would get if it was managed in house.
  3. It’s Not Just About The Ads – Sometimes Ads won’t perform because of a problem with the landing page. Maybe the content is not rich enough, maybe the photos are unattractive, maybe the page doesn’t load fast enough on a mobile device. When an agency is managing your account, they have multiple people, performing multiple tasks. While one person is busy focusing on your bids and keyword adjustments, another can be working on updating your website content and load speed. Not only will it be done quickly, but it will be done correctly so your ads can start working better faster.
  4. There’s No Getting Stuck – If you are a business owner, you probably know what it feels like to have someone managing some aspect of your business and then they leave or have to be let go. If someone in your office is not fully trained to handle your Google Ads account, then your account is left to manage itself or to be paused until a replacement is found or trained. When an agency is running your account, if one person leaves, there are plenty other managers to take over and make sure your ads continue to run efficiently.

If you are a business owner and have questions about how an agency can help you run your Google Ads campaigns effectively and with great results, call Get Found First right away. We would love to explain our process and how we have helped many companies grow and expand!

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