Google Ads Outnumber Free Clicks 2 to 1 | Wordstream Infographic

Recently I spoke at about Google ads and PPC in general.  I asked the group of about 80 people how many of them click on the ads on Google. 2 or 3 people raised their hand. I called them out as liars. Ha. Probably not the smartest way to start off my presentation. I was kidding…sheesh!

Anyway, the fact is, Google didn’t become a company that makes more than $10 Billion every 3 months by only 2 or 3 people out of 80 clicking on ads.  This infographic does a great job of telling the real story about just how many people click on Google ads.

Last week I stumbled upon this PPC infographic. I don’t know how I missed this great piece of work back when it was originally published.

Here are a couple stats that raised my eyebrows:

On average 19.6% of the clicks of product related clicks come from the new PLAs.

45.5% of people couldn’t identify paid ads on the search engine results page if there wasn’t a right column.

And my favorite quote comes from Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief of

“It’s one of the most important rules of search engine optimization. Don’t depend solely on SEO… I’m always surprised when people fail to learn this lesson. Those hit hard by last week’s Penguin Update are just the latest to learn it again.”

You may question some of this info, but all of the sources of the infographic are sourced at the bottom and they are all fairly legitimate resources. Enjoy:

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