How To Become A Google Guaranteed Business

July 13, 2019

Before we jump into the “how’s” of becoming a Google Guaranteed business, let’s first talk about what it means to be “Google Guaranteed.”

The Google Guaranteed badge is offered to businesses that pass Google’s screening and qualifications through Google Local Services. It offers coverage for your clients that book your services through Google Local Services. The Google Guarantee is offered to home service business who advertise through Google. When a client is not satisfied with the work provided by you, they can file a claim through Google and Google will contact you so that you can contact your client and try to rectify the situation. Google will take the appropriate steps to investigate the claim and decide on a resolution. If your customers are unhappy with the quality of work provided by you, they may be entitled to a refund that will be covered by the Google Guarantee.

Requirements To Become Google Guaranteed

Before you can be endorsed as a Google Guaranteed business, Google will want to verify you and your business. Is your company legitimate and qualified to perform the services that you offer? Are you insured? Is your business trustworthy? Google will not endorse every company that applies for the Guarantee.

Because Google’s approach to business has become much more about user experience than providing search results, they have shifted much of their own services to provide results that people are happy with – this means that Google wants YOUR clients to be happy with YOUR services. To provide this extenuating length of service to Google Users, the company is happy to take extra measures to ensure that the results they offer to people searching for in-home services online are high-quality.

Background Checks

The background check process is not limited to you as a business owner. Your employees and any subcontractors you might use are required to pass a background check as well. All of the usual information required for background checks will be required: social security numbers and criminal history will be checked as well as the licensing, insurance, and civil litigation history of the company.

All changes to staff must be provided. Background checks will need to be performed on any new or current employees who will be entering a customer’s home.

Early Preparation For Applying For Google Guarantee

To get through the verification process, there are a number of things you can do to prepare your company and to make sure you are in compliance with Google’s requirements. You can always hire a marketing agency like Get Found First to help get you through this process quicker and easier.

  1. Gather all of your documents. Make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork that you need to submit. Employee files should be completely updated to make sure there is no missing information.
  2. Check your licensing and insurance documents to make sure they are up to date. If anything is soon to expire, take the necessary steps to renew them.
  3. Be careful who you hire. Your Google Guarantee is largely dependent on your ability to provide high-quality customer service. Your employees must be able to prove that they are trustworthy and capable.
  4. Wow your customers. Don’t go to a job and provide acceptable services. Accommodate your customer and provide the ultimate customer experience. Providing an excellent service, in a timely and efficient manner, with a friendly and helpful attitude can get you far in your industry.
  5. Be proactive about getting reviews. Don’t sit back and hope that a client will post a review on Google. Ask them to do it. Offer an incentive to them if they submit a review. Send text reminders that request online reviews. A strong online presence with great reviews will make a difference in your online advertising performance.

To learn more about Google Guaranteed Advertising or any other type of online marketing service, contact the professional team at Get Found First today.

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