5 Benefits Of Working With A Google Partner

May 1, 2019

Get Found First very proudly displays that we have earned our spot as a Premier Google Partner. We have worked hard to meet the requirements that Google has set to obtain this position so that we can offer extra benefits to our clients. Our clients often ask what it means to be a Premier Partner and, more importantly, why is working with a Google Partner better than any other digital marketing company. There are several advantages that come from working with a Google Premier Partner Agency.

What Does It Mean To Be A Google Partner?

Companies have to pass certain criteria to be able to display the Google Partner badge. To become a Google Partner Agency, a marketing company must have several employees certified in Google Ads. Those employees must highly proficient in managing Google Ads accounts and large ad spends. The company as a whole must continuously meet the standards that Google has set to maintain its position as a Google Premier Partner. Companies like Get Found First who have earned this position display high-quality customer service and receive ongoing training in Google best practices to help businesses grow.

When you work with a Google Partner Agency, you are offered many advantages:

  1. Work with Certified Google Ads ManagersGoogle Partner companies must meet certain requirements to maintain Partner status. One of those requirements is having Google Ads certified account managers. This requirement ensures that your ads are set up and managed using Google’s best practices and up-to-date with Google’s newest features.
  2. Master Analysts – Google Ads has MANY features. For someone who isn’t experienced in Google Ads, it can be overwhelming. Google Partners must understand and master the different features that Google ads offer. Analysts understand the best uses for location extensions, ad scheduling, ad rotation, keywords and negative keywords, bid optimizations and much, much more.
  3. Stay Ahead Of Competition – While your competitors are busy trying to figure out how Google Ads works, you can be ahead of the game with access to Google’s beta features. Google Partners have access to new features and applications that can be tested WAY before it is available to anyone else. The new applications and features that Google implements into Google Ads are based on how people search and shop online. Each feature or application is designed to provide the best user experience to online shoppers and to meet the current wants, needs, and desires of users. A Google Partner Agency can help your ads show up faster and more often than your competition.
  4. Team Work – With a Google Partner Agency, you won’t have just one set of eyes on your campaigns. Inside the marketing agency, there are many certified account managers that can analyze and interpret ad performance, how visitors respond to your landing page, and how to maximize conversions. For you, that can mean a better ROI.

If you are tired of throwing money into a Google Ads campaign that is not getting the results that you want – reach out to the experts at Get Found First and find out what we can do to increase your job leads and help you dominate your target market.

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