Google Rolls Out Remarketing

Have you ever thought about reaching those people who have visited your website, browsed around, but ended up not buying or signing up? You know they were at least a little interested in what you had to offer but after they leave they may never come back. Goodbye, adios, ciao!

Now you don’t have to say goodbye to them forever with Google’s new Adwords feature called Remarketing. These features allow you to target people who have visited certain parts of your website and display your ads to them on other parts of the internet. You might be asking yourself, how could I use this? Well let’s look at some examples:

  • If you’re a dentist you can target people who have visited your “Services” page and tell them to signup again if they still haven’t been to a dentist.
  • If your a loan company create urgency in your ads by emphasizing the low rates that are available now only.
  • If you are selling a product offer a lower discount than was originally offered in their first visit.

The possibilities are endless but according to Google early tests have seen great results.

What could you use remarketing for? Rather than saying goodbye to customers, you can now say hello, hola, and bonjour, again!