Google Visiting Get Found First Tomorrow In Rexburg, Idaho

March 4, 2013

Last week I got a call from an 800 number. I didn’t used to answer the phone from 800 numbers until I realized that calls from both Facebook and Google come from 800 numbers. I had a minute so I risked being bothered by someone that wasn’t FB or Google and answered.  It was Patrick from Google Adwords. He was calling to see if we would be interested in having someone from Google present to potential customers.  I said yes right away. Obviously the sales pitch to a potential customer is a lot easier if a representative from Google is helping make the pitch. Credibility sky rockets.

Patrick then gave me a phone number to call and a unique code to enter when I arrived on the site. There I would make all of the arrangements.  It wasn’t until I went there that I realized Google was going to visit Get Found First, but they were going to do so remotely.  Patrick hadn’t made that part clear!  I was expecting to be welcoming Google employees at the office. And…well…we are, but they are going to be welcomed via video chat.

To Google’s credit, they go all out.  They put us in touch with a caterer and paid for that in advance. They also provided a scripted, template email to send out, plus all of this:

Google Engage Connect

We wish we had received more notice. I am sure that we will fill the seats with potential customers, it just would have been nice to have more time to get the word out.

Here’s who is presenting and the topics that will be covered:

Google Event

Excited to see how it goes and learn from these incredibly talented Google Employees. If you’re not a current customer of Get Found First and are seriously considering doing more  with paid search advertising, we hope you can make it and score yourself some Google Swag.

Email if you are interested in coming or want more details on the event.

**UPDATE 3/4/2013**

The event will be held at the Madison Library Community Room

73 N Center St  Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 356-3461

11am – 1pm

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