Google VS Bing Vs Yahoo! Who Gets More Traffic?

We posted last month about November’s search results… Here is the latest:

Working closely with the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we often get asked the question: how much traffic does each of the search sites get? To answer this question we turn to the latest results courtesy of Experian Hitwise:



Percentage of U.S. searches among leading search engine providers Domain Nov-09Dec-09 Month-over-month percentage change 71.57% 72.25% 1% 15.39% 14.83% -4%* 9.34% 8.92% -4% 2.65% 2.54% -4% Note: Data is based on four-week rolling periods (ending Nov. 28, 2009, and Jan. 2, 2010) from the Hitwise sample of 10 million U.S. Internet users. Figures are for web searches only.
*This includes executed searches on, and MSN Search but does not include searches on

Source: Experian Hitwise


So what does this all mean? For one it shows us that Google has found a way to increase its share of searches despite recent intense competition from Bing. It also shows that Bing is going to have to figure a way to increase its popularity now that the honeymoon is over for searchers!

Will anyone be able to dethrone Google from its search engine throne? Only time will tell.