Hello Google Ads!

September 15, 2018

If you aren’t already aware of Google’s major marketing change this year, you’re about to find out. Google AdWords made a major change to their brand and is now called Google Ads. The question on everyone’s mind is “Why the change and what changes do I need to know about?”

Great question.

Google is constantly trying to find ways to provide better services that are easier to use and improve user experience across the board. They want advertisers to be able to easily set up campaigns and ads and let Google Ads work for them with more automated strategies. This leaves more time for people like small business owners to take care of their businesses and still drive phone calls, form submission, job leads, and sales.

Google Ads

Google Adwords offered a variety of different types of online advertising. Though search and search keywords have been the most common type of campaign, a big shift is being focused toward audiences and Adwords is using things like Display Campaigns, Retargeting Campaigns, Video Campaigns, and App Campaigns to reach a particular type of audience. This new version provides a full-range of advertising capabilities that Google now offers. Advertisers are going to be able to connect with more people in a variety of different ways and places across Google’s Network and Partner sites.  The changes happening to Google Adwords as it transitions to Google Ads is very subtle.

Automated Bidding

Another focus of Google has been on moving away from manual bidding and toward automated ad performance that will allow ads to show up more often. The human experience is still quite intact, but Google Ads offers very friendly automated bidding strategies for people that don’t have the time to learn the in’s and out’s of Google Ads, and needs to get their phones ringing right away.

Smart Campaigns

The Smart Campaign feature is a tool that creates customized campaigns for small businesses. This feature helps get ads running in a short amount of time and is effective in driving conversions. Though setting up campaigns “fast” as opposed to “really well” isn’t always the most effective approach, Smart Campaigns can help get your ads showing right away so that you can get back to work.

What Does This Mean For You?

Depending on how you use Google Ads, the changes are going to affect you differently. For those people that use or want to use Google Ads to help their own business grow, it’s going to be more user friendly and fast. For those that use a marketing company like Get Found First to manage their Google Ads, you can count on them to guide you in the right direction. As Google works to create an easier, more streamlined product that will be beneficial for both advertisers and people performing searches, we can expect different changes and standards of practice to arise.

Get The Best Out Of Google Ads

It may be tempting to jump into Google Ads and start setting everything up on your own – but there are companies like Get Found First that are trained and specialize in the best standards of practice. To learn more about Google Ads and how they can help your business grow and profit, contact our professional team today.

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