How to Optimize Google PPC Ads

May 23, 2011

If you’ve ever ran a pay-per-click campaign on any of the search engines, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How do I optimize my Google PPC ads?” Doing PPC Management here at GFF I ask myself that question everyday! Today I stumbled upon the perfect resource for that, Google’s Optimization Center. Here’s what they say about themself:

“Want to attract more customers to your business with AdWords, but need some inspiration? We’ve gathered together some of the top tips and strategies used by our AdWords specialists who have worked with advertisers of all sizes. Now you can take advantage of these same tips to make your search advertising more effective.”

They offer three ways of viewing tips: by level of expertise, by account feature(ads, keywords, etc), and by advertising goal(ROI, ad position, etc).

MY OPINION: I can’t see how long it’s been around but it looks like a good resource for most PPC managers. I say “Most” because the tips and suggestions are for beginner to intermediate PPC managers. I thought by reading the “Advanced” tips that I would find out some things I didn’t know about, however they were tips that I started using after only managing PPC for less than a year.

I would add one tip that they did not suggest; as far as the SERP goes, look at what everyone else is doing and do something different. On competitive verticals usually the ads all look the same with DKI in the title, keywords stuffed, calls to action, and similar offers(often something free). Make yourself stand out by being the odd man out. More often than not you’ll find yourself with great click thru rates and high quality scores.


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