I just don’t have time to manage Google Adwords! Enter: Google Boost Ads.

That sounds similar to my excuse for blogging!  The fact is that I don’t make time as often as I should, and I am sorry about that!  It all comes down to self-discipline, right?  Well, maybe.  If you work 60 hours a week, why would you want to discipline yourself to spend another hour working?

A lot of small business owners are tired after working 60 hours in a week and don’t want to do something they don’t enjoy.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard dentists, and other SMBs with websites say something like, “I just don’t have time to manage my Google Adwords account like I would like to, and like I know I need to.”

Well, in an effort to help these busy SMBs more quickly and efficiently spend their money with Google (take note of the fact that Google is VERY good at making it EASY to give them your money), they are in the process of creating Google Boost Ads, according to Greg Sterling of Seach Engine Land.  Google Boost Ads is supposed to create a new way to “set and forget” your Google Ads and let it work for you, so long as you have the right budget.  At first glance, this seems like a nice route to take for the busy SMB, but here are my concerns:

  1. This will only be effective and affordable on keywords that are NOT very competitive.
  2. If you do “set and forget” your campaign, Google does not promise they won’t forget you.
  3. From the screen shot in the article, it only allows for 1 advertiser per search result.
  4. High demand + small supply = EXPENSIVE
  5. Google takes total control of your online ad.  They can pick and choose when and where your ads show up.

Most SMBs will never consider these concerns because they won’t think of them when they go to sign up, but it won’t be long before they quit when they don’t see the returns they are looking for.  SMBs will then turn to small business consultants for help managing their online marketing efforts, and trust me, I’m not complainin’, just sayin’.

The fact is, we all have to have time for things besides work, or we become robots, and don’t have time for “life.” In my case, I have a beautiful wife and two kids I love to spend time with, and the Idaho outdoors to enjoy (even if it is below freezing temps. in October).  That is why everyone should do what they do best, and leave the rest to the experts.