Increase Sales and Brand Awareness Through Remarketing

September 13, 2013

Meet Jebb Founders.

He sells widgets online. In the past business was booming and his PPC advertising was driving a large portion of his sales. However lately sales have dipped and he’s spending more money on an advertising medium that just isn’t delivering like it used to.

Jebb knows that today users have more widget options available to them, so they shop around and do a lot more research before they purchase. How then could Jebb establish his brand authority with these users and turn researchers into buyers?

Remarketing with Adwords

If like our friend Jebb you’ve found yourself in this, or a similar situation, it might be time to take advantage of remarketing (if you haven’t already).

Think about the path users take when buying a product or service. Generally this path consists of a five step process in which a person becomes aware of your brand, product, or service and ends with him or her making a purchase. Ideally the user flows through the purchase like this.

However, more realistically this purchase funnel looks more like this.

As Stu Draper so eloquently described in his post on thinking beyond the search-click-sale users are going in and out of the purchase funnel researching and learning about you and your offering (as well as your competitors) in many different locations across the web (and offline).

Bring Them Back to Purchase from You

The purpose of remarketing is to recapture this traffic and bring them back to your brand as they move through these phases on their way to making a purchase.

With remarketing you’ll be able to establish brand awareness early in the purchase funnel and become the authority on the product or service you’re selling. Establishing this authority and trust with visitors early should bring them back to you when they’re ready to buy.

Are you currently using remarketing? What has been your experience with it? Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

Also, stay tune for more posts on how you can use remarketing to increase sales and brand awareness.

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