Get Rid Of The Traditional Business Card With LinkedIn

October 18, 2018

just released a new feature for mobile devices…and it is about time someone has! The new feature is allowing people to connect instantly through LinkedIn, taking away the need for traditional business cards. How does it work? It’s actually really simple!

The mobile app feature is available through your smartphone or tablet. Just open LinkedIn and take a look around. You’ll notice a pretty subtle difference up in the search bar on the right side. In the app, there is a small icon that allows the app to access your camera. After you grant access, you get a personal QR code and the opportunity to scan others.

Once you scan an individual, you are immediately directed to their personal profile on LinkedIn and are able to connect right away. No more waiting around, or sending networking-type emails to try to connect with important people and potential clients. Simply scan and click right where you are at. It’s literally like a digital business card for business travelers.

Making connections is obviously the power ball of business. Everything comes down to who you know. Instead of having to carry a bunch of cards with you, ordering more when they run out, waiting for them to get printed and worrying if you remembered to bring them with you to an event, now you can provide your information with a simple click.

Technology dominates the modern business world. We have moved into an age of video resumes, video conferencing, telecommuting, and more. The digital world makes our business lives so much more efficient and productive – and now we have the ability to replace a simple burden like business cards with a simple, better way to connect with people.

LinkedIn hasn’t been the first to try to create a digital version of a business card. It is an idea that other apps have tried to put into place, but never really got anywhere with it. LinkedIn has made the process user-friendly, clean, and since LinkedIn already has a good base as a social network, it has the users to use it.

And don’t expect that QR Code to NOT be versatile! The QR Code can be sent in emails and text messages for people to use as needed. It can be added to the signature of your emails for easy use to anyone who wants to connect.

So say goodbye to bulky boxes of business cards cruising around in the trunk of your car. Say goodbye to worrying about how many business cards you brought to an event or if you brought enough. Simply hand out your code, or scan another individual’s code, and connect immediately. It’s really that simple.

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