Mastering Responses To Bad Reviews

July 16, 2020

Most business owners understand how valuable reviews are in today’s market. Online reviews are the topping on your beautiful business cake – and you want to get as many great reviews as possible from your happy customers.

But what do you do when you get a bad review? Really – as a business owner, what do you do when you get a bad review? Do you start combing the pages of Google trying to find out how to get rid of bad reviews? Do you get an urge to lash out at the reviewer for not providing a fair assessment of your service? No matter how great your company, products, or services are, you are probably going to get unhappy customers from time to time – and they might even leave some harsh reviews on their way out. You can’t escape it.

But you can be proactive by learning what to do in that situation so that you don’t make the wrong move the next time it happens. There are strategic moves to make following a bad review that can help you take control of the situation and improve your reputation in a few easy steps. The next time an unhappy customer leaves a negative review on your Google listing, try this approach.

How To Master Responding To Bad Reviews

  1. If the review is obscene or offensive, flag it so that Google can remove it. There is a point where a bad review becomes a derogatory and disgusting attack from unhappy customers. In this instance, flag Google and try to get it removed.If the review is simply a bad review without obscene comments, threats, or verbal assault, Google is not going to remove it. Users that want to leave a review are allowed to provide an honest opinion. If an upset customer didn’t feel like your service was timely enough or that the quality was poor – he is allowed to provide that opinion.
  2. In circumstances where flagging the review is not necessary, you should respond promptly. Prompt attention to an unhappy customer can make a world of difference. It shows that you care enough to put some time into it. But don’t stop at a reply.
  3. Take the next step and ask the unhappy customer to contact you right away (or as soon as you are free). Resolve the conflict offline and in private if possible.
  4. Be kind. Kindness goes a long way. Your polite, pleasant nature can de-escalate a strong, negative attitude. Thank the unhappy party for bringing this matter to your attention and assure them that you want to make it right. Ask them to contact you and listen to their concerns. If they are valid, take the steps to make it right whether that is crediting them back, or offering a special or discount.
  5. Pay attention to the good that a bad review can do for your company. Maybe you have some staff that needs more training. Perhaps you have an employee that is not taking their job seriously. Maybe there is something that needs a simple fix to make your company grow and be profitable. Your eyes need to see what is going on and you can use bad reviews as a tool to look inside areas that you may not be aware of. Use them to take those extra steps to make your company fantastic.

You do NOT have to be a digital marketing professional to take some of your online marketing into your own hands. Responding to reviews, good and bad, will help build your online presence and reputation. Make sure your potential customers see a response that will reflect what you want them to see.

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