Modified Broad Match Excel Fix – Easy

October 24, 2012

Problem: Excel thinks your modified broad match keyword is a formula.

After digging into keyword buildouts for a few hours nothing is more heart wrenching than pasting your modified broad match keywords into excel and seeing the infamous “#NAME?” error appear.

No you don’t have to go through each of these keywords manually (or have an intern do it). Following is one simple excel macro solution for your keyword issues.

Excel Modified Broad Match Macro Instructions

Once implemented this simple excel macro will save you the largest amount of time. How does it work?

Pre Implementation: Make sure that you have the developer tab enabled within excel. You can Google this one.

Step 1: Select the Developer Tab within excel

Step 2: Select the Macros Icon

Step 3: Type in ” mod_brod_quick_fix ” into the search bar

Step 4: Selection the Options button

Step 5: Create a shortcut key combination that will trigger this macro

Step 6: Select Create

You will then be taken to the VBA development console where you will copy and paste the following code:

Sub mod_brod_quick_fix()
' mod_brod_quick_fix Macro
' Fix modified broad match keyword identified as a formula issues quickly.
' Author: Mark Jensen
' Company: Get Found First
' Date: 10/24/2012
Dim wrkBook As Workbook
Dim actSheet As Worksheet
Dim cellRange As Range
Set wrkBook = Application.ActiveWorkbook
Set actSheet = wrkBook.ActiveSheet
Set cellRange = Selection
For Each cell In Selection
 If cell.HasFormula Then
 cell.Value = "'" & cell.Formula
 cell.Value = Right(cell.Value, (Len(cell.Value) - 1))
 End If
Next cell
End Sub

 How to Use Modified Broad Quick Fix Macro

Simply select your range of modified broad keywords currently displayed as “#NAME?” and then trigger your macro using the shortcut you’ve previously selected.

This simple excel macro has saved me ridiculous amounts of time. Do you have any other tips or suggestions for dealing with excel modified broad issues?

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