One Lesson From Google About Testimonials

The goal of my website is to generate leads.  To do this, the site teaches people about my company, and explains how we can help them.  In the process, and as you go through the pages (that need some serious seo attention by the way) you will see that the site brags and is very biased because we created the content.  What company would write bad things about themselves anyway…right?

I saw this Google Adwords video along time ago:



You will note that rather than brag about themselves and how great Adwords is, they let a client that has had success tell their story and recommend Google to everyone why they should use Google.

Well, at Get Found First, we are changing our approach!  We are no longer asking that you take our word for it, or trust that just because we are a Google Adwords Certified Partner company that we are the greatest.  We have followed Google’s example, sort of, with a smaller budget, but with real clients, recommending our services:



Let me know what you think!  I’d love advice on what we should do with future testimonial videos!