Analytics & Attribution

Analytics and Attribution

Decisions are only as good as the data behind them.

We don’t believe in ‘gut feelings’ when it comes to account management. We use analytic tools and software to track all meaningful data and KPIs. Advanced conversion attribution allows us to see the impact of all customer interactions with your advertising.

No-Cost Account Audit



Using Analytics

Using analytics is key to understanding what is going on with your advertising. Here at Get Found First we are experts at knowing how to understand analytics data and at figuring out how to use that data to its fullest.

Clean Data

We’re admittedly zealous about proper analytics tracking.

We know what clean data looks like and how important it is to making smart account choices.

If it isn’t clean. We’ll clean it.


Good data tracking is good market research.

Learn what ad copy your customers respond to. See how branding efforts tie into your bottom line.

Leverage the data you get online to improve offline sales.


Our analytics expertise means we can create clean, effective, clear reports.

Marketing Executive Reports
CEO Reports
IT Reports

You want it. You got it.

Save $$$

Why spend money fixing what isn’t broken?

Good analytics and attribution modeling lets you focus on high impact and low performing areas.

Other Services


Conversion Rate Optimized. How much does it cost you to get a sale? What if we could get you more sales for less money?

Landing Page Dev

We rely on statistically significant data to make recommendations for your landing pages to improve their performance.


Decisions are only as good as the data behind them. We use advanced analytics tools to make sure your ads are performing.

Product Listing Ads

When someone searches for your product, show them a price and your picture.


People don’t always buy the first time they come to your site. Are your ads reaching those people?