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Get Found First is a PPC Management firm. We pride ourselves in our devotion to data, hard work, and success. We stand ready and able to assist any company with a large PPC Management budget.

Our goal as a company is to give world-class PPC Management that is focused on the client’s ROI.

Enough about us! We want to talk about your business with you!

Meet the team! And our super powers or spirit animal from within.

Michael Johnson Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Managing the squad. Mad love for clients.

Katie Harris Katie Harris

Katie Harris

Chief Operating Officer

Nocturnal. Sees things others won't. Expert of the marketing jungle.

Brian Basinger Brian Basinger

Brian Basinger

Chief Financial Officer

Protector of the money. Watches over employees.

Paul Hartley Paul Hartley

Paul Hartley

Senior Account Strategist

Cohesive strategies. Overseeing padawan account managers.

Brit Rivas Brit Rivas

Brit Rivas

Senior Account Manager

Masters accounts with speed. Fast results.

Beth Haymond Beth Haymond

Beth Haymond

Senior Account Manager

PPC guru. SEO manager.

Bob Griggs Bob Griggs

Bob Griggs

Junior Account Manager

Helps others reach their potential. Pro at listening to clients

Lance Revoir Lance Revoir

Lance Revoir

Junior Account Manager

Lion/Tiger. Account Manager/Social Media Admin.

Cherice Pickett Cherice Pickett

Cherice Pickett


Does everything. Everyone loves her.

Chantelle Richardson Chantelle Richardson

Chantelle Richardson

Creative Director

She’s the creative boss, so let it go.

John Roberto John Roberto

John Roberto

Assistant Creative Director

Works with lightening speed. Get your designs before you know it.

Russell Abraham Russell Abraham

Russell Abraham

Senior Web Developer

Superhero developer. Wordpress Master.

Tom Pascoe Tom Pascoe

Tom Pascoe

SEO Strategist

Eats keywords for lunch. Dominates competition.

Richard Stevens Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens

SEO Analyst

Sees everything from above. Preys on competitors weakness


Get Found First is an industry recognized online advertising agency that specializes in helping National and Local businesses generate revenue online. We believe that every client’s advertising deserves transparency, hard work, and ROI. The success of our online marketing agency is built on 4 core deliverables. We have structured our process around these to ensure that businesses are growing and constantly improving their marketing.

#1 - Technical Ability

We focus on delivering a technical ability that is superior to others. We use our strengths to drive real results and value for the clients.

#2 - Understanding Revenue and ROI

At Get Found First we are one of the few marketing and consulting firms not afraid to talk about your return on investment. Our business is based on delivering quality monthly reporting and revenue generation. We don’t want you to just “hope” your marketing is effective. We want you to KNOW with facts and math.

#3 - Communication

Our method of communication is an essential piece of what we do. We have gone to great lengths to ensure strategy, results, goals, and vision is understood by everyone involved.

#4 - Vision

Lastly, all of this is built around a vision. The vision is the unique driving force behind everything we do and is because us vision that our clients continue to excel and grow year over year.