PPC Stats: 2x The Visitors With The Same PPC Budget

June 17, 2013

Pop quiz.

Which sounds better to you?

A.) Pay $2,000/day for 1,000 clicks


B.) Pay $2,000/day for 2,000 clicks

It’s a no brainer, right?

Which company PPC stats would you rather have?




The obvious answer is A. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. These PPC stats are more common than you would think. Two competitors with the EXACT same offering and VERY similar budgets are seeing extremely different results from their PPC ads.

These PPC stats come from KeywordSpy.com and should be taken with a huge grain of salt, but we can learn something from these stats, even if they aren’t 100% accurate.

Take notice:

Company A is getting 2,095 clicks per day ranking in the 4.57 average ad position. Company B is getting just 809 clicks per day ranking in the 3.81 average ad position.

Maybe ranking higher on the SERP and on the left side of the page doesn’t matter as much as you thought.

If I were company B, here are some things I would consider trying:

  1. Lower your bids.
  2. Lower your bids again.
  3. Check and Optimize your Quality Scores.
  4. Are you still getting the same amount of traffic? How are your conversions doing?
  5. If you are still getting the same amount of traffic and you conversions are still doing well, lower your bids again.

The above list could be a mile long. If it seems scary/risky and you’re unsure or don’t know what other things should be added to that list, remember that you are spending $60,000/month. That is enough to pay cash for a condo every 3-4 months! Optimize! Get more bang for your buck! Consider hiring someone to come in and help out with your PPC.  Would you pay someone $6,000 more per month to get you double the clicks like your competitor is enjoying?  If you can get 2x the clicks for just a small increase in PPC adspend, why wouldn’t you want to do it? The answers to these questions should be as easy as the A/B questions I asked above.

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