Strike While the Iron is Hot

This will be a short post. I’ll get right to the point.  STOP IT! Quit putting things off. When you have a good idea or opportunity or potential sale, run with it! Don’t wait. As cowboys like me say, “you gotta strike while the iron is hot.”

How does this relate to PPC management?  Well, I think there are tons of ways, but I said I will keep this short, so here are just three:

  1. When your site is having a sale or promotion, turn the ads on at the right time, and get them turned off at the right time.  You watch, three days after Mother’s day you will still be seeing “Mother’s Day Special” in PPC ads.
  2. When a customer is going through your shopping cart. Don’t let the iron cool off by sending them through a 10-step process.  Make it easy. Keep it simple.
  3. For B2B sites, or lead generation websites, get in touch with people right away!  Set a company goal for response time. You have paid for that lead and earned it. Treat it like gold. Be sure that the person gets a confirmation/thank you email, and a promise that you will be in touch with them.  Once you have made that promise, follow through.

Be sure that you get credit for your work as the PPC manager.  You earned the lead. It is up to someone else to make sure they capitalize, but as the PPC manager, it is your responsibility to not run ads and generate leads until the processes are in place to take good care of those leads.

Ask yourself. Are you striking while the iron is hot?  What can you do to heat the iron up more?

PS. I have a horror story of not striking while the iron is hot that I will share in another post.